Planting herbs and vegetables in the desert condition


I survived through 120 degrees Fahrenheit and lived. I was burnt but still strong. How does that happen? Follow me I’ll show you and no, SPF 100, will not help.

That’s right even sunscreen can help this time. I’m talking about planting herbs (tshuaj ntsuab) and vegetables in the desert condition are no big deal. You just need to know what you’re doing. We use herbs in our diet on most of the cooking we do.

Every time I plan a trip to go see my mom. I asked her to ask her church members for some herbs so I can bring it home to plant.

Now planting in arid, hot place like Yuma, AZ your garden needs a lot of TLC. Plus depending on where the area you are located as well. My rental is more in town. That property has clay dirt. I had the best time growing my vegetables. My yam grew so well, its vine just traveled outside of the little fence that I made for it.

Now that we have moved from that house and live higher towards the mountain side my backyard is sand dirt. I was disappointed that I didn’t look at the dirt before purchasing my new home. All I care was it’s closer to work and that was all I cared about until we were all settle in. I decided to go and grow some stuff…well I was shocked but I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. What am I going to do now?! Imagine growing food on that!Desert

There’s good news though. I have a place to make a good garden. I’m going to try. I tried, failed, tried again, failed. I almost gave up on planting in desert sand with my herbs in desert condition. My vegetables looked at me and said “please let us go, too hot, too dry” I was saddened. I had to let them go to veggie heaven. I never gave up though.

I found that even if it dry and burning hot. You just need to find the right vegetables to grow during the seasons. Sometimes the seasons aren’t the issues it’s the plants. In California seeding for muster, collard greens are April. Yuma is in August/September and harvests in October even as late as November. Sorghum loves the heat and doesn’t need a lot of water. I grew some by accident. It looked like corn so I kept it, turns out to be sorghum, who knew!

Now because it’s September I will start seeding green beans, broccoli, and carrots. If you have never eaten your own grown carrots you should try it, it’s super sweet!

Desert planting during the cool seasons is great. You can practically grow anything in the sandy dirt. A little warning must cover plants and herbs from May to end of September because during those months it is really hot and dry. Try watering your garden every morning and evening. If you have it on a drip system water them for 15 mins. only if it’s sand dirt.

For other dirt on drip system once every a day. I like the evening but so does slugs and snails.

The reason why I have mine on a drip system is that during the summer evenings it’s still 100 degrees out at 10 o’clock pm. sometimes even at midnight. Chose your battle.

The reasons why my herbs (tshuaj ntsuab) is small and dying was we went on a vacation to Europe for three weeks. Our circuit breaker on the switch had burned out. Needless to say, I came back to disappointment. This year I have to start my garden from scratch and I am babying my herbs to see if they will survive until the cool season which is coming soon. Wilted Garden

Update almost a year later:  July 2018