Postpartum soup use

This herb here is Iresine (nkaj liab), one of the common and main herb in the chicken diet soup postpartum. If you go the any Hmong supermarket there’s always some in the bundle. There’s two kinds. The round leaves ones that I have here is from Hmong. There is another one which its leaves are longer and pointy leaves is native in the States. Which ever you want to use, the benefits are the same.

Medicinal use per experience

I was told by my mom that for women to regulate their menstrual cycle. It should made it into tea. An old wise tale is, do not blow on the herbal tea to cool it down or else it will not work. You must leave it until it is warm enough to drink without blowing on it. It is also good for using it at a poultice (smashing) to treat minor burns.

nws zoo rau cov poj niam coj khaub ncaws thiab.

Nkaj Liab

Seek professional care. Only informational purpose only. Back to Herbs. 

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