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 Hello everyoneThis handsome dude next to me is my husband Jorge. Say Hi, hon.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Kelyee (Kelly.) OH MY GARDEN (OMG) is boring plant talk. I have decided to share my experience in growing organic vegetables from backyard to your table.

I guess it started out when I watched my mother grew her own herbs and vegetables since I was a kid.

As an adult I want to grow my own veggies and herbs for my family. Because nothing taste better then home cooking with the stuff you grow. And the memories when mom use to make them, fresh from her garden. I want to follow in her foot steps.

A little bit about my background.

Fast forward to the present. When I lived in California the weather was nice and we had rain the summer was never over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Finding a place to grow things was a little challenging but when you find a real estate  for your herb/vegetable garden everything you seeded, sprout.

I had never have to worried about If, my seeds will sprout? It’s always when, it sprout.

Now, that I’m living in the desert southwest of Arizona. Things here are a little different… Okay make that a major change in my everything in my knowledge of growing any herb/vegetable garden has skyrocketed to the moon. Everything I had learned while I was in California, just put it in the back burner and don’t even look at it, start fresh.

Why? Omg! Let me emphasize the word DESERT hahaha. Desert! How am I going to plant anything in the desert? It’s hot, dry (dry heat), hardly any rain, and the temperature at its worst is 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer! Everything wilted and died in front of me and there’s nothing I can do about it but watched helplessly, dying a little each time myself.Gila river and the Colorado river

I went through two years of watching my garden died and I had to replant every year especially my herbs that I worked so hard to keep alive, all gone.

My herbs are perennial. I learn that if I cover them up with sun shades they will live, sometimes thrives during the hot months. That’s when I cover them up from May every year until October.

Can you imagine growing food on that? Will I tried for two years, failed miserably but I didn’t give up.

Why start a blog


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I remembered my frustrations when I first started growing my greens and nothing grew and if it did, it would not last long enough for a good harvest. The weather and where you lives plays a part of growing fresh food. (Yeah I know it’s just common sense.) Not until I screw up a few times. See learning experience!

My Goal

My goals are to help you grow your herbs and vegetables to its potential. Especially in the arid weather or anywhere. Follow my experience for fun and giggles. Take what you want to learn and laugh at what you want. I’m here to have fun. And that’s what it’s all about, FUN.

If you’re not having fun doing the things you’re passionate and love to do then it’s no use doing it. I’ll teach you a few things and in return you may teach me a few things. It’s also about helping each other out. See y’all later. Thank for coming!

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A little warning. While looking through my blogs if you come to a word you don’t understand it’s in Hmong. My blogs are in Hmong and English. Now go take on the day, challenge the unknown.

All the best,