How to Pallet Garden

How to pallet garden

Have you ever wonder why there’s so many pallets out there? Dumb question yeah but got you thinking. All those unwanted pallet now all used up pilled up in a corner waiting to find a home. Don’t you just feel sorry for them? I could use some about now. As a matter of fact I used some for my chicks and then I used it in my garden. I’ll show you how to pallet garden in a few short steps.

Just so you know this is my first attempt to pallet gardening. I was bored and I thought hm… what can I do this weekend? I’ve seen a lot of different ideas searching through Pinterest and I came upon-pallet gardening. I thought I was a great idea to experiment. So I dragged (literally) my husband to our local nursery and bought a few things like heirloom tomatoes, rosemary, and mojito mint that we bought couple weeks ago and didn’t know where to put it.

The poor thing was almost weltering! Well it’s in a nice place now and hopefully it’ll thrive because mint are evasive. They take over everything anyway.

Finding pallets

If, know someone who will part with their pallet ask them if you can have one or a few depending on the space you have or want. There another way is gone online line look for warehouses that normally have deliveries see if they can either sell you a few or give them away. Some stores will give them away because there’s no room for pallets and they may want someone to take some. Some store may have damaged pallets. Damaged ones are usually tossed aside. Ask them if you can have them.

I get mine from my husband. His company received deliveries and they have plenty of pallets just sitting around waiting to be picked up to go to a nice home. Which I took a few for other projects around the house and backyard. Over the weekend we made a new area for my husband master garden class. He needs to practice so we made a nice little area. Then we added an extra step with the pallet.

Things you’ll need for the pallet

  • Pallet
  • staple gun
  • weed blocker
  • scissor
  • two 2 cu. ft. organic dirt
  • trowel
  • gloves
  • ready transplant able plants or herbs, up to you.
  • Seed if you want to seed it

First thing you want to do is put the pallet somewhere where you have room to turn it around while you’re handling it. Wear your GLOVES those pallets are not sanded down so it has splinters all over. You do not want splinter in your palms, fingers, arms, or anywhere. Okay now staple the weed barrier under the side where you are not using the opening for planting.

Now if you want you don’t need the weed barrier/blocker if you are going to put the pallet on cement or concrete or where you know weeds aren’t a problem. You’re not planting anything that will dig deep down either. Nothing with big roots anyway.

Once you have wrapped the weed blocker to your pallet and staple it onto your pallet you are ready to transplant your plants or herbs that you might want to cook with. You can also seed your pallet. They are great with spinach, leeks, rosemary, mint, and cilantro. Try a lettuce garden while you’re at it. Remember to space them out.

Covering the pallet with organic garden soil

One pallet takes up two 2 cu. ft./56.6 liter of organic dirt. I used 1.5 bags. Use your trowel to pack the dirt into the opening. If, have transplant able plants you can put them where you want to plant it. First by placing them into the opening and decided if that’s the area you want to put them. Once you have an idea where you are going to put the plants then you can cover and transplant at the same time.

If, are going to seed them then wait until you finish filling up the pallet to seed. After you had seed them and when they start to sprout you can thin them out. That’s another option you can do. Whatever you do as long as you have fun doing it, it’s all worth it. Plus you planted, you water and cared for it, and you know it’s safe.

Weed control and caring for the plants

Weed control? Why would we need to weed control when we have weed blocker? Weeds are not just weeds like some would think – dandelion, greater plantain, white clovers, and mind-your-own-business. The weeds I’m talking about is It’s from other growing plants that the wind may have brought it in. If, didn’t put it there or plant it there, it’s a weed. Caring for your plants is making sure it’s water properly. Looking out for aphids, ants, and other slimy creepy crawling things that will harm your plants – Insects control.

End result

Now who does not want and garden like this? It’s clean and beautiful. You also have space that you can step in between without hurting other plants around it.

So guys and gals out here if you have some ideas for me to use or try out, please leave a comment on my comment section and I’ll be sure to look at them and get back to you as soon as I can. I love to try out new things. I love to here from you guys to.

Don’t forget to hit me up. Take care.

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