Seed or Transplant

Transplanting is an excellent way to plant. For all you newbies and all other color of thumbs out there. All you have to do is dig up a hole in your already prep garden and put it in gently into the hole. Cover it up the roots with some extra dirt and viola you have a vegetables garden.

Here is a list that you’ll need:

  • Hat, cap, or some rags to protect your hair.
  • Trowel, utility scissor or shears
  • Sunglass, sunscreen, and more rags to wipe off sweat.

So all brown, black, red, purple, or even yellow thumbs can go about it this way. (Lol I don’t know I just made it up!)

Or whatever garden you want. It could be all herbs. Heck, it could be all flowers even edible ones. Wouldn’t that be fun? As long as you put some TLC into it.

Now all you have to do is remember to water them. Congratulations you have a live garden soon ready for some harvest or pick fresh for your family to enjoy.

Papaya seedlings

Papaya seedlings

I love to start my garden from scratch. As I prep for the next season I lay out the seeds that I need. When I finished I go out to my garden and put seeds in the ground. Then I stand back and watch them slowly sprouting. Of course in a course of 3-10 days depending on what you sow.

I don’t put any store bought fertilizers in my garden. I use dry up grass cuttings or falling leaves that decompose easily. Throw scraps from your cooking into your garden.

Let me tell you what you’re missing from seeding.

You’ll miss the excitement of watching something grow. Everyday as you anticipate just to see if your seeds sprouting. When it finally sprout there’s an accomplishment feeling. It’s like yes this is what I made!

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  • Hi Kelylee
    Thank you for information about garden. It’s my dream to have my farm where I can grow my organic garden. I hope learn more from you.

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