Ways to Keep Children Healthy


Children obesity caused by neglecting parents. Parents don’ give a flipping bird if their children are gaining weight. Parents don’t care if their kids are inactive. It’s okay to let them play video games all day long. They will have a chance to be someone later. Let them be children when they are still children. Parenting at best is to be their children’s BFF. So who cares! Not my children! No one wants to know, ways to keep children healthy.

These are the words we most likely hear because some of our children are a little chubby. Me I couldn’t careless what other people say about me but when it come to my children- back off!

One, you don’t know if my child might have a problem. Two, you do not live with me and you do not know the trouble I go through to take care of my child. Three, you think I didn’t know what is in front of me? Four, you don’t know how much effort, energy, patience, and money I have to pay for all the help I thought it would help my child. And please I heard it all…just stop.

How many times do we see or hear about children’s obesity? Every where we turn it’s on the radio, on the television and the biggest news outlet, the INTERNET. How did we do this to our children? Could it be that we are trying to be their BFF (best friend forever?) Maybe, or maybe we’re too busy putting a roof over their heads and we couldn’t find the time.

The truth

The truth of the matter is children will be children. It doesn’t matter if they play games all day long, eat all day long, sit all day long, or even with both parents or single parents. Your children is will be your children you take care of them the best that you can. There’s no right or wrong ways to take care of them. You gave birth to them and of course you teach them. However, we do not birth to their way of thinking or how much love they give. You as parents are the influence in their lives.

What we teach them and guide them, even push them into the right path. We teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. What they do with that is up to them. They will take your guidance with them when they become adults.

The now

Now that they are still young we can be their mentor, guidance consular, and hero. Before they think you’re just an old fart that knows nothing and don’t understand anything. Because we were born yesterday and never grew up with parents that -just don’t understand. Never fell in love and wants to grow older and leave the house… Okay getting carry away there for a min.

There’s are a lot of activities for kids to do these days. Sign them up for after school sports or activities. Take martial art lessons. Or join the boy scouts. Back in the days, every day after school we finished up our homework, get a few of our friends and we go bike riding. We would stop by a park to play hide-and-seek, tag, and kick some balls around. Something we play ‘mother by I’… I think. Whatever it was we kept busy.

Today children have their i things like tablets, smart phones, and other electronics devices. My nephew’s only two, have his own tablet! Ugh that burns me! But, hey if that’s the only way to keep him from screaming his little head of then so be it.

What can we do

It starts in our home. Yep, more precise in our backyard. For those that don’t have a backyard, try the front yard, make it a curb appeal wouldn’t that be fun? Where to start? Any sunny area where the sun shines for up to 6 hours. Get some seeds or build a raised garden bed.

I’m talking about keeping kids healthy by gardening. It keeps them learning about growth, photosynthesis, bugs; good bugs bad bugs, what food taste like. Encourage vegetable eating. Show them that they can do anything they want as long as they keep up the maintenance.
Teaches responsibility, leadership, and ownership. Something they can call their own.

I thought this would keep them busy especially the kids they love mud anyway. While they are at it they can make mud pie (my favorite.) These are some ways to keep kids healthy.

Guys and gals if you have tips, ideas, and comments. Please leave them on my comment section and let’s have a discussion on the topic.

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