Gardening for Stress Relief


During the era of COVID-19 or better known as coronavirus. Sheltered in place, quarantined. Are you finding yourself stuck at home with your better half, only if you don’t see them 24/7?

Or your loving children angels from heaven, NOT! I’ll have some ideas you want to do if you’re stressed…just a little.

There are a lot of ways to relieve stress. When I’m stressed out the last thing on my mind is- I’m going to put on my gym clothes and start doing sit-ups. It may be for some but not me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. I’m just saying it’s just not my way of doing it.

My to do is, I want to take my tea, go out to my backyard and sit. Listen to mother-nature. I use gardening for stress relief. There are many things to do and explore.

What Cause Stress

I’m not a doctor so I’m putting in my educated guess. Stress comes from anything, whether is from taking care of a family member, children, money, bills, spouse, worry, and the worst, work. Getting marry is stressful. Attending a funeral is stressful. It can be any number of things.

Going on a vacation triggers stress. You might think, yes I’m going on vacation, yet on the other hand you need to plan on what to wear, what to take and do you have all the stuff you’re going to use? So, yes, going on vacation is stressful.

I think the real question is; what doesn’t make us stress?

What can you do

There’re many things you can do, from jogging or working out, another way of saying sweat it out. Listening to some easy listening jazz. Yoga, I seem to hear a lot about doing yoga to release stress. Play with your pet. I heard a cat can lower your stress level just by petting it.

Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it. What is the use of doing it if you dislike doing it? Does that make sense? Love what you do. If you don’t LOVE it don’t bother it.

Hang out at the beach with friends

I know some people play video games. Take a break put some game in your ps4, xbox1, Wii, even some computer games. Play them take some stress away. Just don’t get hook on it. If you do I won’t tell.

Take a load of unwinding with your favorite artist or band. Karaoke, challenge a friend, spouse, and kids. Why not?

Go pick someone smarter than you, brain. Talk to someone, talk to a wall? Or a statute, maybe? Whatever your forte. If you’re into that go for it.


Kick everyone out of your space for an hour. Give your kids some pool noodles and go beat each other up, without breaking anything. Just kidding. Please don’t do it!  I’m sure they’ll have a ball. Oh I know have your spouse take the kids. Oooh me time!

Now your you single people I don’t know what to say about y’all. Why are you guys stressed out? Being independent isn’t quite fun after all huh? Well, there’s something you can do to. Go make friends. If you do have friends go visit them.

Seriously, go out, walk, drive to visit your friends. Okay yes I know there’s Snapchat, Facebook live, etc…but how are you releasing stress if you’re not getting any fresh air? Call me old, fashion if you want.

Things I Do

These are things you can do to. Especially if you have kids. They can learn from mother-nature as well. Can anyone guess? That’s right, gardening! Guys and gas what you are about to learn are magical. Anyone from all ages can do it.

Gardening teaches children about growth. Teach them that growing is a part of life. Growing takes love and nurture and it’s sad but it teaches them the end of a life cycle. Gardening teaches responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. Organization and planning. Gardening teaches young minds to manage.

Teamwork is a great way to accomplish a goal. That mud pie isn’t going to make itself. It needs help. Explore some bugs what kid wouldn’t want to catch some lizards or geico? Okay, so you don’t have lizards and geico how about some earthworms, and ladybugs? Ooh, praying mantis, honey bees, and hummingbird. Oh my!

Single people you to can achieve your little piece of heaven right in your backyard, dorm, or apartment. Just need a little care and attention.

Mustard greens

I take my tea out to my backyard and have a mind blast with mother-nature. Take it all in, breathe the fresh crisp air at this time of year. This is the only time for us Yumains. Summer in Yuma is torture so take advantage of the situation.

After I finish my tea I take a walk in my garden. I take in all the greens, the reds, orange, blue, brown and yes black as well. I have a colorful garden. Then I notice the intruders! Weeds, time to get on my knees and pray, just kidding, and weed. Hopefully, by then my tea is done. If not I set it aside and go weeding.

My husband told me I have the shiny penny syndrome disease. It’s when I’m already working on something but if I see another thing that needs to be done and it’s on my way I tried to do both, if not, all at it at the same time. So I never actually finish what I had begun.


That’s how I release stress. I go out to the garden. I feel at peace there. I have my vegetable garden with all my green leave plants. From mustard greens, kale, beans, and collard greens and tomatoes too.

I also have my herb garden that I have to make sure it’s weed free. And my raised garden bed where I plant my, anything from, carrots, radish, beets. Root-eating type of vegetables.

There you have it. Things I do for my fun. I’m sure it will be your fun too. I use gardening for stress relief. What do you use for your stress relief?

Wave good bye to stress

I believe in you. You can do it. Take care for now see you in the next post.

Thank you for reading this far I know it was painful but I appreciate you Reading this far. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in my comment section. And let’s learn together.

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