Do You Water Plants Every Day


When you water your plants every day the root(s) of the plant will rot. So please do not water your plants every day.

When Can You Water Your Plants

You can water your plants whenever you like. There’s no when. Start watering your plants when you feel like doing so. Water them in the morning if you’re a morning person. How about afternoon watering? Sure why not. Watering in the evening when the sun is down is fine too.

How Much Water Should You Use

Here’s a tip I learned from my master gardener course. It’s the 1, 2, 3 rule. A foot tall plant the soil should be saturated by one foot deep. The two footer plant should be two feet deep. And the three-footer plant or taller should be 3 feet deep. Let’s break that down.

  1. Flowers and small plants, one foot deep.
  2. Watering bushes, two feet deep.
  3. Trees are three feet deep

For your lawn, early morning is the best time to set your sprinklers to be turned on.

How Often Should You Water Your Plants

This is a tricky question. Depending on the season, your location, and the microclimate of your garden. So it would be how’s the weather, soil type, and each individual plant needs. A microclimate is an area where its climate is different from the rest of your garden.


Microclimate garden

The side of the garden is on the east side of the house. That side gets more sun and not a lot of winds blowing through there. It would be a great place to plant your plants and they will thrive. However, there’s the garden on the north side where it only gets sun during the summer and it’s always shaded. That area is also colder and the climate is different from the east side.

Let’s say that the east side needs more water than the north side. Why? Because it’s in full sun and it can dry the ground faster than other areas of your garden. You’ll plant your vegetable garden on the east side.

On the north side, you’ll plant your shade-loving plants. Less water because the ground doesn’t dry up as fast as the sunny part of the garden. Your cacti garden should be in full sun or part shade and they will hardly need any water.


Clay type soil needs less watering because it retains moisture better.

Sandy soil needs more watering and more frequent. Although they do retain water faster and they drained quickly.

Silt or loom soil is preferable when growing plants. You are truly lucky. Water for this soil every three days or what kind of plants you have.

Here Are Some Tips

Make it happen

  • Choose plants that are native to your area.
  • Don’t plant plants that need more water with plants that don’t need a lot of water.
  • Add organic matter to your garden or mulch to your landscape.
  • Reuse grey water if your area allows it.
  • Collect rainwater or some device that helps catches the rain for you.
  • Remember young plants need more water than matured and established plants.
  • And follow the 1, 2, 3 rule from earlier.

Symptoms OF Over Watering

Don’t overwater your plants. This will happen if you over water:

  • Wilting of lower and inner leaves.
  • Root rot.
  • Leaf drop.
  • Soggy soil.
  • Green fungi are present.
  • Leaf scorch.
  • A lot of snails, slugs, and tiny snails.
  • Yellowing leaves from lower and inner leaves.
  • Plant death.

We don’t want dead plants. This happens because we love our plants too much! Don’t love ’em too much you’ll end up smothering them to death.

Symptoms Of Unwatering

  • Slow growth.
  • Plant wilt.
  • Dry soil.
  • Dead leaf.
  • Harden leaf or stem.
  • Plant death.

Sometimes we go on vacation and the drip system broke. Or someone was too busy and forgot about the plants. Whatever the situations are be mindful that you have plants.


Go buy a timer that controls when to water your plants. Plan how many sections of your garden need water and how often. I learned the hard way. One summer we went on vacation and the sprinkler system jammed. All my plants died.

A timer with a section selector has some bibs that you can attach your watering tubs to and time it to when it’s the best time to water your plants.

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