Guide To Sanseveria Cylindrica Care And Propagation

Sanseveria Cylindrica

The sansevieria cylindrica care and propagation are really easy. It is almost like not having one. They are one of the easiest plants to take care of.

What Is The Sanseveria Cylindrica

This plant is known as African spears, cylindrical snake spears, or sansevieria cylindrica/dracaena angolensis. I have been growing the sansevieria cylindrica for many years. What I’ve noticed that that are a beautiful round plant with round leaves. When taken care of really well, it could grow very tall and very big.

They grow in a fan-like plant with round leaves. one inch in diameter and some may grow up to 7 feet tall. They love well-drained soil, sandy soil is best. They grow like weeds here in Southwest Arizona. However, they do get a sunburn in full sun.  Because of our heat in the summer that sometimes reaches up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The morning sun would be great.

I’ve seen a nursery in California grew one 6ft or taller and 3ft wide. It’s a beautiful succulent to plant. These plants are known to be the plant of the gods.

People plant them to bring luck into their homes. Some people plant them in front of their front doors by doing so it invites luck into your house.

How To Take Care Of Them


African spears don’t need a lot of attention. They are drought tolerant. They only require to be water once a week and well-drained soil. Once a month in the winter.

There are no known pests or diseases associated with this plant, very hardy as well. They will thrive in a root-bound situation very well.

They are great in containers and make great house plants too. They don’t require repotting that often. Maybe once every three years.

As a house plant put the African spears in a bright light area.

They don’t need any fertilizer at all. If you like to fertilize the African spears you may. I don’t see the need to do so.

They should be planted in full sun to part shade. Although African spears are drought tolerant, however, they do get sunburn easily too.

When planting them in the ground make sure they have morning sun and afternoon shade. Especially if you live in the desert southwest and your temperature in the summer goes up to 120 degrees F.

You might want to plant them under deciduous trees so they can have some shade in full sun.

Propagating The African Spears

When propagating the African spears you must know which end is which. When planting a cut cylindrical leaf make sure the side up is facing up. Know the polarity of the leaf will help with propagation.

Planting African spears in containers requires you to purchase succulents soil, cactus potting soil they prefer that much more than potting soil. However, I just stick mine into my sandy soil and they thrive.

Here are the tools you might need: Of course, these are all options.

  • Find some kind of tape that you can write on.
  • Write down the plus or arrow up for the top section.
  • Write down the minus or down arrow for the bottom section.
  • Cut the African spears into sections that you had taped
  • Let it callous for a couple of days. (optional)
  • Then plant.
  • Minus side goes into the dirt.

They make great gifts to anyone who doesn’t have time to baby their plant. Set it and forget it type of plant.

A little warning. As I mentioned above they love sandy soil. They will take off like weeds in some parts of the State. Mine does grow like weeds and I give them away or donate them for a good cause.

People that have clay soil do have a little issue getting them to grow big. The soil is too compact. Silt soil is also great for the African spears to thrive as well.

I found this video on Youtube. Hope it helps.

Thank You, Come Again

It was believed that in Chinese mythology it was the plant for the gods. The Eight Immortals granted their virtues of longevity, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, Health, and Strength to the people who cared for this plant. My mom always said, “You must always plant some plants to guard your home, no matter what.”

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