What can I grow in My Garden – 3 Easy Steps

What can I grow in my garden

Starting your own garden is very simple. Don’t stress over it. And the question is, What can I grow in my garden? All you need is a place where there are plenty of sunlight. Then some seeds or you can cheat and buy already grown seedlings at the nursery. Either you seed or transplant is all the same. If you have a raise garden make sure you purchase organic raise garden soil. Most important don’t forget water. There that’s it. I’ll tell you what I can grow in my garden.

The Place

I live in Yuma. Mother nature and I are always budding heads. I want to grown things that are not suppose to be growing in the area she claimed to grow only cactus. Most of the time I’m on the losing end. But we compromise.

Pick an area where there is plenty of sunshine. Northfacing works best for me. That’s where my backyard is and just a little corner for me to work in. I also have raised garden beds to. There’s the three footer and four footer. I have my husband made them high on purpose-bad back.

The raised bed we planted red beets, carrots, lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, and green onions. This year I have decided to use a bucket for my cherry tomatoes. It’s sprouting.

My ground garden I’ve  planted bush beans second photo on the bottom and vine beans which is the first photo on top. They are growing so well. I’m stoked because I planted them last two Saturdays ago and wow, is all I can say! Look how fast they are growing.Climbing green beans


The Time

Yes, the time. There’s a time and season to plant vegetables. Mother nature has her way. Always complaining telling me that if I plant something that is not the right time she will not babysit or seedlingsit (is that even a word) for this matter. Simple as that.

Well there you have it. You must be patience. Here in Yuma I can’t tell. We only have cold season and hot season. There’s no in between. And sometimes I get carry away and go plant happy. Then realised, oh it’s not time yet. No wonder my cucumber is browning. Well cuz it’s supper hot. 120°F. I actually did that one Summer.

How am I suppose to know that things don’t grow well in an oven setting? It’s land with dirt. Throw seeds at it and things grow. Who knew.

After couple of years I finally got it. That mother nature loves to play tricks on me. She is a sly one that one.

The Third Step

Have some seeds handy. Depending on what you want to plant. Assuming  your plot of real estate is prep. Sow your happy seeds into the soil. I always sow mine a foot apart from each other. So when the grow they are not riding on each other and weighting themselves down. It’s  better for self grow.

Green beansNow that your garden is all sown be patience. When it’s time for your happy seeds to come out and party. When they do you’ll celebrate along with them. Watching them grow everyday is a joy. It is for me anyway! That’s what I can grow in my garden.


Guys I know you’re all excited that you have accomplished a lot of hard work today. One other thing I forgot to mention was, WATER very important to keep your plants water with some kind of irrigation. I use this raindrip R560DP. Works great.

Please show and tell on my comment section and we can have a harvest party. I can’t wait to hear from all of you out there.


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