Gardens in Paris France

Gardens in Paris, France

Over the Summer my mom, my husband, and I went to visit Families in Paris. While we were there we had the privilege to visit my Aunt’s gardens in Paris, France. I was fascinated by all the vegetables that she was growing. I knew she had one garden but she now has two and it was so magical. Everything was green!

Amboise France Garden

I have four Aunts and a bunch of cousin that all have a garden of their own. While we were in Paris. We visited the country side in Amboise, France. Most of my maternal mother side lives in Amboise.¬† The sight was the same as I remembered in 2001. The Summer air was clean and fresh. I guess that’s how country living is like. No smog or car exhaust that likes to attack your nostrils every chance it gets.

Well, I’m happy to be in that environment for the Summer. My mom’s from California, and we are from Arizona. My mom is glad to get away from the smog and I’m glad to get away from the burning sun rays. Thank goodness we have family in Paris, France to get away.

Gardens adventure


I am blown away from what my Aunts were growing in their gardens. They not only have a little garden but I would say it’s like 2000 square foot each. And I have a lot of Aunts. Everything from squash to asparagus.

CucumberThe watermelon was oh so sweet! We had the honor of tasting some. The cucumbers are so huge oh my goodness. Even the¬†dahlias are thriving. Every time we visited someone’s garden I’m just blown away. Oh the heirloom tomatoes was so big it fill up my chubby hands. Plenty to make spaghetti sauce for later.

I was too shocked to that the heirloom tomatoes were so huge that I had forgotten to take a few shots of the gorgeous tomatoes. You have to see it to believe it.


From all the gardens I visited in Amboise, France makes me a little jealous that I can’t grow that well here in Yuma. But hey you do what you can. I found that visiting France made me realize that If I keep doing what I am doing one day my desert garden might thrive just like that. But I have to be careful in the Summer time. And don’t forget to cover them up and a working sprinkler system or else I’ll come back to a dead garden like this year.

My Aunt’s and cousins gardens in Paris, France. My garden in desert. Hey, works out great!


That was our adventure to France. Visiting love ones and having just a grand time. Please leave a comment on my comment section. Missed my France family so much already.

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