Why You Shouldn’t Buy Ladybugs


There are few reasons why you shouldn’t buy ladybugs. They are great for pest control. Now you say, wait a minute why not? It doesn’t make any sense to why I couldn’t buy them.

Yes, ladybugs are great. They are a very pretty insect to look at and if you’re lucky to find some different varieties in your garden it’s a great feeling that you did something right.

Why You Should Have Ladybugs

If you have been a gardener for a long time. You know that ladybugs controls pest like aphids, mites, scale insects, and other small insects.

At the same time they are also pollinators. They are the good bugs along with praying mantises, green lacewings, and spiders. There are others that I can’t think of right of the bat but do your research or ask a FB page group about the insects you find in your garden.

They are a lovely sight to see too. Children loves seeing them if they can be gentle enough they can play with it and let it go. There are varieties from orange with dots, to red orange with dots like the one up on top. It came to visit me and perched on my kumquat.

Some have many dots while others have two dots. Some have chevron to no dots.

Very cool to see different ones.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Ladybugs

Now, if you buy ladybugs. You have a chance of buying ladybugs that may have carried diseases from another part of town or State. Commercial company take ladybugs from their natural habitat while they are in hibernating stage and sell them to the masses.

We all know what happens when a bunch of hungry bears come out of hibernation. They will eat and they well eat a lot. Same thing with the ladybugs. They probably wouldn’t just eat insects they can also snack on your delicate plants.

Once they are aware that they aren’t home anymore they will fly away.

They will stay if your garden is suitable for their meals or else, bye-bye ladybugs.

Tip: When and if you do buy some ladybugs. Make sure to set them free in early mornings when it’s chilly. Or late at night when it’s cool.

How Do You Attract Ladybugs To Your Garden

That’s pretty easy. You should grow lady bugs loving plants. Like dills, they love dills. Yarrow, fennels, chives, cosmos, cilantros, alyssum, and marigolds.

You would need to place or make a place for water for when they are thirsty, pit stops, or bathe maybe, who knows right? It’s to attract them and say I have the good stuff!

Build a ladybug house. Any small pill of wood chips attached to a stake. Wooden straws cut into 2 inches placed inside a small box and hang it near a water source.

Important! Very important to remember that you should never use pesticide in your garden. Ladybugs are considered pest in some people’s eyes. When you use pesticide the chemicals will kill all pest including good ones.

Chemicals can’t decipher if it’s a good bug or a bad bug. It wouldn’t discriminate.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy ladybugs. Let’s recap.

Let’s Recap

We should always have good bugs in our garden. Why? That’s mother-natures pets. She keeps them around because it’s beneficial to our lives.

Good bugs and Insects keep other bad bugs and insects from invading our harvest. If you don’t know if a bug or insect is bad or good, ask. We love to have native ladybugs visiting us but we have to attract them in.

  • Plant herbs, vegetables, and flowers that will attack them.
  • Make accommodations to attract them into your garden.
  • Provide a water source.
  • A place for pit stops

In no time especially in the spring that all bugs are out. Go out and explore your garden. I love exploring in my backyard garden even if I don’t do anything I love sitting with a cup of tea or anything you like and go enjoy the spring. I get lost in my yard for hours at a time.

Great thing is that I have all sorts of vegetables and sweet peas around me that if I get hungry. I eat what I grow. It’s the best feeling.

Why you shouldn’t buy ladybugs? They are capture during their hibernation. Once, they realised that they are no longer home they will leave and will not stay in your garden because they can’t find food. Plus you’ll lose money. By all means you can try it’s your money.

The ladybugs might necessary find insects to eat. They are disoriented and may even eat or snack on your vegetables and then guess what? You just made a good bug into a bad bug!

So, please let’s keep the good bugs good and let them be our soilders that protects our garden.

Here in the desert southwest it’s warmer then elsewhere like, California or back east in South Carolina. Letting ladybugs go in our area zone 10A, the success if minimal. I’ve tried it. Been there done that. 😀

They might carry diseases from elsewhere. Then it might infect your garden and you’ll probably get little harvest or end up pulling your vegetables out.

I want to thank everyone who came to my website. To take the time to read and I hope that all my blogs are informational to you all.

Go take on the day and challenge the unknown!


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