Backyard Corn Growing Zone 10A


Hello, my fellow backyard gardeners! Welcome back to my website. As you can see the monkey-eating corn. Monkey see monkey do! This would be the perfect time to start growing corn, backyard corn growing.

Right now in the desert southwest at the beginning of August 2019, our temperatures are cooling down. Not so much but this morning when I got up to go to work the morning the breeze at 0600, the air was cool. And a nice cool breeze. Awesome, a great day to go plant some corn.

Although, early morning hours are cooler don’t forget to keep hydrated no matter where you live. Our temperature today is still going to be 107° F. So don’t forget your sunscreen and hat. Keeps harmful UVB rays away from your skin as well.

What Kind Of Corn

It could be any kind of corn you desire. They have field corn, best know for grain corn and the most planted because we use corn for almost everything we eat today. Yes, it’s also used for ethanol production.

Then the dent yellow and white corn it’s call dent because the kernels on the cob are dented. These are starchy corns. Flint corn is the colorful kernels. We use these for decorations during Thanksgiving. The kernels are colorful, bright, and waxy. There are a total of six different varieties of corn out there.

It doesn’t matter what corn you chose to plant. I am going to plant some red corn for popcorn later on and some regular corn for steaming or you can boil them as well. You can also use regular corn for popcorn. It’s your preference.

In Hmong culture that is still practicing shamanism or animism, red corn is only for spiritual cleansing or in bad spirit rituals to keep evil spirits from entering one’s body or one’s home.

Corn is a portion of American comfort food.

When To Plant Them

I planted the kernels last night August 13, 2019, as a matter of fact. There are going to be others saying it’s too early wait until the August 15 to plant fall crops. I have to say that don’t listen to what you read on the internet. Don’t listen to me either! 🙂 I live in zone 10a so it’s rough growing certain vegetables during this time.

Go with your gardening instinct and find out what’s growing in your neck of the woods. If you have already had experience in your area then it should be a walk in the park.

I have sown some summer squash, yellow watermelon, cucumber, and red corn. Last night when I came back from work the temperature was still 109°F.

I changed into some pink shorts and a blue tank top and boy I tell ya it’s hot, dry heat. I slid my sliding glass doors opened to my backyard the gusts of heat slapped me in the face. I put on a brave face as if I’m ready to tackle the dry heat on.


Since it was so hot I had some real estate that was left not having any plants in it. I noticed some runaway spurge weeds running wild. I had to tame them down with my little garden hoe. It was left empty because I didn’t want to plant anything out in full blazing triple digits temperatures.

I was there for 30 minutes and drenched from head to toe. Note: take water with you to keep hydrated. Wear light long sleeves shirt so you don’t get burned. Wear sweat-wicking headband to mop up your sweat so it does not run down into your eyes! Finally, sunscreen protection for the people with sensitive easily burns skin like me!


Now Is The Waiting Game

Since this area is new to planting corn we’ll just wait to see if it does well. I’ll be sure to update once they come in. If I forget just remind me in my comment section and I’ll be sure to update, ASAP!

Here’s a video for growing corns. Enjoy!

I don’t know about you guys but I’m always excited to see new growth from seeds. Although the best vegetables to grow from seeds and germinate in days are my mustard greens and collard greens. They sprout the fastest. No waiting for the babies.

You can transplant if you are impatient. In my experience, I have a brown thumb when I transplant it dies. Not all but some and that breaks my heart. 🙁 So, I prefer to seed. If it sprouts, yay and if doesn’t then it was a bad seed, to begin with. Makes me feel better.

My solution and conclusion

As you can see the hot summer heat is putting so many strains on my Hmong herbs that it is wilting and I hope that they live through the next two months. Fingers crossed. Sun exhausted herbs

Let’s recap a little here. Plant your corn now and if you have room plant summer zucchini, watermelons, cucumbers, and pumpkin for Halloween. Hopeful you’ll get some pumpkin big enough to create Jack-o-lantern.

Backyard corn growing is great fun! You’ll have corn for dinner for your family and friends.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


Here a reminder: If you have citrus trees it’s almost time to fertilize them again in September and although August is begining it’s not a bad idea to start looking for a citrus feed.


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What Is White Spider Lily Crinum Plant


I’m so excited about my white spider crinum lily plant this year. Have you ever planted anything that you can’t wait to see it grow or bloom? If you ever had trouble growing these beautiful lilies you’re not alone. The anticipation of waiting was so tiring that I just simply gave up on having any blooms, let alone three bushes.

How To Obtain them

If you had been following me you know that my mom is a herbalist by trade. As she ages, she tends to, had forgotten the names and what this crinum is used for. Use for? Did you ask? Yes, use for. For herbalist everything they grow, it’s either medicinal, usable in our cooking so it’s edible. So most of my plants and herbs are handed down from my mom and her church ladies.

Most of them are herbalist by trade as well. Just last week my mom told me about some edible elephant ears. She wants to know if I want to plant some. Heck yeah! But that’s another post. Stay tuned.

When my mom was moving out of her rental many many moons ago she had to uproot her herbs and plants and asked if I wanted to take with me to Arizona to see if it can survive. That is how I obtained my spider crinum lily.

Here Are The Problems

These white spider crinum lily had been living in California all its life. They had great weather and sunshine. They were a happy bunch. However, my mom said that when it was given to her from a friend it only bloomed once and it was red in color.

I live in Arizona where the temperature is, hell, up to 120° F. What did you think happened? Yep, lost most and some were dwindling by a thread. Good news, the ones that I forgot about and left it under the shade I sparingly watered them because I had so many.

I waited until summer ended and plant them. They seem to be happy always green for 7 years. Last year it bloomed for the very first time. I was so excited. I called my mom and told her it wasn’t red but white.

My problem is summer in Arizona, especially in the desert southwest the temperature gets up to 120° F. Today the temperature is 102° F. And we are in the middle of monsoon season so the humidity is at 50%. Yep, it is sticky. My tropical plants love the weather and my other herbs and plants get a breather from the sizzling sun rays.

I work 10hrs a day and including the ride, it’s range between 11 to 12 hours a day. At the end of the day, it was so hot that I really don’t enjoy the beautiful flowers and I come to some depressed, burned, and exhausted looking flowers.

White spider lily crinum, exhausted

These babies are covered with some sunshade, watered twice daily in the summer.

How To Take Care Of White Spider Lily Crinum Plant

From my experience growing them here in the desert southwest isn’t that hard. They are green most of the season and they do really well here in Arizona.

When you mow the lawn you want to keep the grass clippings in a bucket or 30 gallons lawn trash bag. Doing this will kill off any clover seeds, or spurge seeds. When covering the growing area with fresh grass cuttings you are also helping to spread unnecessary seeds to grow where you don’t want it to grow.

Doing so you’ll help fertilize the spider lily naturally. You can also use kitchen scraps, watermelons skins (chopped), melons skins (chopped), and any vegetable scraps that you are not going to consume.

You can also make your own compost and use that after it turns into rich nutrients for your spider lilies crinum.

My spider lily crinum bloomed in the summer towards the end of summer. They are blooming right now. However, you must cover your spider lilies crinum during the hot sizzling days with some sun covers.

The heat from the residual sun is very hot and it doesn’t seem to fully open. If it did I probably missed it. Those are the only ones I come back too at the end of working.

The strong sunlight tends to burn the leaves. It turns them brown and drys the leaf up. Where ever the sun rays hit so be mindful when growing these beautiful crinums that you take care of them during when the temperature is up at 100° F.

I find that planting lemongrass around them they are protected somewhat but when the flowers start to bloom it wouldn’t survive. Try planting heat-loving plants along with your crinum it may help keep the soil moist and keep the harsh sun rays dispersed equally.

What Do Herbalist Used It For

The medicinal usage you can find it here for your pleasure reading. Before trying any remedies on my website please consult with your primary care physician or consult a certified herbalist for further use of the white spider lily crinum plant.

For those that use this crinum lily please share your knowledge with me so I can be informed as well.

Here’s the Recap

No matter what you plant, vegetables, herbs you are growing they will survive. Being a gardener is hard work to grow stuff to eat or growing plants for ornamental as long as you take care of them they will thrive.

It took 7 years for my white spider lily crinum to bloom and I am very excited. Although, I don’t get to see the beautiful flowers to its potential they do love the heat, to a certain point.

Care for them, give them good fertilizers full of nutrients and they will bloom, someday. The trick is you have to be patient.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


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Resources and Further reading:

PDF page

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


How To Propagate Thai Basil


Today we are going to learn how to propagate Thai basil. This kind of basil is used in most Asian cooking. I use this as garnish along with other herbs and spices for my cooking.

It’s in the middle of summer and the temperature is at 106 °F today. I recently bought some Thai basil at the Asian store for my homemade Pho.

I was thinking well, I’ll propagate some for future use. I will be planting them in a regular ceramic pot. I had tried to propagate sweet basils, basil, and cinnamon basil as well. However, they don’t do very well being propagated.

If you cook every day like I do you know that having the right ingredients to your food makes your taste bus party like 1980. Hahaha, I don’t know why it’s 1980 but I guess that’s when I had the most fun time.

Anyway, let’s not get distracted today back to my Thai basil.

Where was I? Oh yes, the other variety basils their stems rot or the basil leaves start to turn yellow or wilted. This time I got some luck maybe they like hot weather who knows.

How To Root Thai Basil

This is really simple. I normally look for the oldest and most sturdy stems with works best. I cleaned a scissor and whatever I don’t use in my soup I cut them into 5″ long and stick them in water. Nothing special, nothing added.

Things that you’ll probably need:

  • scissor
  • Plastic cups
  • Water
  • Thai basil
  • Pots
  • potting soil/mixed soil

Pour regular tap water into your plastic cup. You can use anything you want to keep the water in. Set aside the container. Pick the Thai basil stems you want to use, then cut the stem where there are little shoots coming out off. It usually looks like a Y. Cut the center as close as to the center of the Y.

See the picture on top to see what I am talking about for those of you that don’t already know.

If you still have older leaves on the stem use your scissors and cut the leaves in half short ways. We need some leaves on the stem for photosynthesis. That way they still have some energy to produce and grow.

Having said that don’t leave too many leaves as well. Use, eat or cut the leaves off. See all my pictures, images. Too many leaves mean too much energy keeping the leaves green and will not root.

Fewer leaves and only the tiny leaves, it’s too young to support rooting you want to leave just enough of the older leaves and younger leaves to balance each other out.

You can also see the end result of how the older leaves were cut as well. Cutting the leaves in half gives them less energy keeping the whole leave well. Or you can say it saves the plant’s energy for rooting when it doesn’t have to worry about the other older leaves.

Snip off a little of the bottom of the plants  Y so the freshly cut plant is showing. Stick that into the tap water. Cutting the end of the plant to expose the fresh-cut open to absorb the water to supply the cutting’s stem and its leaves. Like a straw sucking up water.

Rooting stems

Since the rooting of this Thai basil cutting rooted so well I am very pleased. No more disappointment from this experiment. Go try it.

Waiting Game

These beauties had been in the water for a week now. As you can see it’s rooting so wonderfully. It’s not a long wait as I thought it would be. While I was waiting I change the water every couple of days. Just so they get new water added and oxygen to the rooting stems.

I have experimented with other basil varieties and seems like this type works best for me. Most of the time the other basils stems rotted or if it does root it’s not long enough or looked strong enough to be potted. If I waited too long and this was only two more days of waiting it starts to rot.

Sometimes it, roots but the leaves started to wilt and dry off. I have no idea as to why. My opinion was the weather, it’s not in their environment.

So check your local nursery for plants and herbs in your area.

Potting Them

This is the fun part. Once they root plant them in a pot, you may use any mixed soil or potting soil and stick some in the pot. Garden soils are for outside uses like for raised garden or as garden topsoil.

Potted Thai basil

I love this part this is where they all thrive together and grow to endless Thai basils that you don’t have to buy any more. I love to see plants grow from scraps.

I’m sure you will enjoy this experiment and teach the younger generations who want to learn how to propagate Thai basil.

Enjoy Your Thai Basil

There you have guys. Now you can enjoy having Thai basil at your leisure. They go great with garnishing your favorite dish to adding it directly into your pho soup (Asian noodle soup.) And they add a superior flavor to a dish you’re cooking. It’s an all-around herb to use for your cooking needs.

If I haven’t said it already I will say it again. I encourage you to try propagating Thai basil and let me know how it worked out for you in my comment section.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.

This is it for me. Many many experimental failures to get one good result. If you failed before you are not alone ~.^ that is part of learning. If you never fail you have not learned. Learn, learn, learn.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences. I have attempted many failures and finally got one to work.

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Shallots garden tower

Build Your Own Tower Garden

Okay so you guys the summer has already started and it’s like super hot out here. Who wants to build your own tower garden? If you have been following me and know that the where I live, summer is a scorcher! Sorry I haven’t been able to update you guys on my planting. So many things that had happened and most of it is, what life throws at you.

However, I went to visit my mom in California and she showed me how to make a garden tower. I told her I was going to blog about making one but she already did one and today I am going to show you guys how to make one. It’s so much fun.

Of course, it was with my mom so it was super cool. As you can tell I’m super excited. And lol I don’t know why I’m always saying super but it’s been said so… Yeah.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need:

  • Any plastic 2/3 litters or bucket (optional)
  • Potting soil, mix
  • Shallot Bulbs or any you like to grow.
  • Spade
  • Scissors
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Drill (optional)
  • Drill 1.75 inch hole maker.

Okay, these are the materials I used because I am using a plastic container for pork rinds. For you to practice on you can use 2 or 3 litters soda bottles and cut holes in the size of the bulbs where it will be sprouting.


Place the container on the ground make sure it is secure and not moving. Start drilling holes into your bucket. Space the holes out 3 or 5 inches apart. Or be creative and make a design if you like. Just make sure that when you plant your bulbs they are far enough that they don’t grow on top of each other too closely.

Once your holes are made clean out the area for the next step. The next step is to pour the potting soil into the bucket. The first layer of potting soil should be to up to the first hole from the bottom. Start adding the bulbs to each opening. Making sure that the sprouting side is pointing out of the hole.

Keep layering until you run out of bulbs or dirt. Lol

Endless Garden of Shallots for Me

I used shallot bulbs. I use it because they grow fast and I use them in my cooking. Substitute them for my green onions. It tastes the same and it’s plentiful.

For your next challenge, I would like everyone to make a tower of flowers, fruits, or onions. Just pick whatever you like to see grow. Pick bulbs that will grow in your area and watch them bloom.


This was a fun project for me to do with my mom. It’s also very educational for young kids to learn how to garden when you have limited spaces. Try container gardening is great for people who don’t have a backyard of their own.

Check this DIY tower garden.

So let’s recap and maybe teach someone to build a tower garden of their own. Bucket 2 or 3-liter soda bottle. Cut holes in them or make your own design. Add potting soil and layer each of them with bulbs of your choice.

Water and enjoy the fruition of your hard work.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.

Go find your own fun Garden Tower Project. Enjoy and have fun.

Let me know what you’ve made and shared it with me here.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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Time to Fertilize your citruis – Reminder

Once again, guys, it is time to fertilize your citrus trees to make them happy and fruit all summer long. I know I haven’t been blogging for a while now but I thought I would be a great idea to start a reminder blog for you gardener out there to prep for May. May is the second time you would need to do that. We want fresh orange juice for the summer.

Maybe some fresh lemonade for a hot day. I love making fresh lemonade for the summer. It just hit the spot. Especially when you had spent some time gardening, not too much because it is super hot here.

I spend maybe a couple of hours just looking around, weeding if necessary, then I sit on a chair in my backyard under the patio and stared out into my garden in the heat and sip my lemonade, oh so refreshing.

Some times I stayed out so long my husband would come out just to see if I’m okay. Poor guy always worrying about me. He thinks I’m crazy to be staying out in the heat at 115° F (46.11°C). I love the heat and the outside what can I say.

Growing Citrus in the Desert

Growing citrus in the desert here isn’t that hard at all. And yes they are susceptible to getting burn but my citrus does really well here.



As you can see from the YouTube video it grows great here.

Blood Orange Citrus

We all want our citrus to fruit. I have a blood orange that still hasn’t flower or fruit. The professionals say it takes up to seven years for it to bear any. I am having my fingers crossed guys it has been 5 years. Two more years than I can see.

However, I am thinking, it might be longer or maybe never because our weather isn’t cold enough for blood oranges liking.

Temperature for blood oranges are between 55°F – 85 °F (13°C – 29°C). We got lucky this year and the temperature here dipped down to 39°F (3.89°C) but it didn’t stay for very long. It did some damages to my other vegetables but nothing major.

Time to Fertilize your citrus – Reminder

Here are my links to fertilized your citrus or when you were supposed to. It’s doesn’t have to be precise but during the same time frame.

First time to fertilize the citrus.

Second time to fertilize the citrus.

Third time to fertilize the citrus.

My solution and conclusion

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.

Big News!

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Like how to get started and what tools you will need to succeed all on my brand new site. It is brand new so there are only a couple post up but there will be more soon to come. If you don’t see me updating here please visit me at

Just another wealthy affiliate review by me the gardener, online business owner.

I hope you guys find my review rewarding. And I hope to see you all on the inside.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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leggy seedlings

How to prevent leggy seedlings.

Last month I started some seedlings indoor they’re growing but they are leggy. We are going to talk about how to prevent leggy seedlings. This month we are going to look for things to do and look for in March in your backyard garden. Yes, Spring is on the 20th of March and even if we are in just the first week of March. Spring is just around the corner.

Last month in February we talked about fertilizing your citrus tree. If you have not, do it now. Click Here this link is for the first time of the year to fertilize your citrus. And we are going to see the outcomes of those seedlings.


How to prevent leggy seedlings.


My seedlings are doing really well. However, I have noticed that some of my seedlings are very leggy. Do you know what that means? For those of you that do not know what that meant, it means that your seedlings are growing really tall with little or tiny leaves on top.

And it seems like it’s doing well but now it looked like they are leaning over and dying. What is going on? Some are wondering, “What did I do wrong?” I did everything correctly. I watered them. I bought seed starting soil. To I put them near indirect light. Even had a growing light as well. What could have happened?

I will try to answer all the concerns so bare with me.

Issues or problems with leggy seedlings.

The problem that I have observed is the lighting. If it doesn’t get enough light it would tend to reach for the light. It’s like my six-month-old niece who now is at the age where everything piques her interest and just reached for things even fire that’s her light.

Weather, if the area is too hot or warm for certain seedlings to sprout and grew too fast that causes them to grow really well then as it reaches maturity it bends or wilts. And there’s nothing you can do except wait for the right weather for those kinds seeds.

Making sure you have the right soil for the seeds you are starting, needs, the soil you’re going to buy. So, did that confused you? 🙂 Because some seeds like tomatoes, peppers, collard greens, and mustard greens don’t give a lick of the soil you get. They are grown right off the ground and start running. They do not need to start indoor unless your place of your resident is too cold. That’s the purpose of starting indoor seedlings.

The store will have seed starting soil. You may use that if you are a beginner. If you’re more advanced then you should already know that any soil that can get oxygen to your seedlings is a good buy. As long as it has perlite or vermiculite in the potting soil. Garden soil is for your backyard garden. Potting soil is for seeds starting or potting where you put the soil in a pot.

Watering plays a major part in leggy seedlings or sprouting plants. Inconsistent watering. Too much water can boost or rot your seeds most seeds do not like waterlogged. Too much water makes them grow too fast then end up with root rot and dies. Less water makes it hard for the seeds to find the surrounding nutrients to burst out to join their other sproutlings.

Here are some fixes to the issues.

Check your seeds daily. I recommend you using your mobile smartphone to set a reminder every day to check on your seeds. Schedule a watering time for them as well. Yes, daily. Why? So that you can see if your seeds have enough moisture and are they growing well.

If your seeds had sprouted and are sitting under a grow light or a window rotate them couple times a day. I rotate them nightly at night when I go to bed. I work the following morning and that’s the last thing I want to do is at night. So then you know that your seedlings are being rotated.

Since your seedlings are healthy you may want to put a small fan to mimic wind blowing at them as mother nature would do if she was taking care of them. I would touch mine or rotate mine three times a day if I have the time. That fan comes in handy.

The heating pad is great for those cold nights for keeping your seeds warm. Especially pepper seeds they love heat and will only sprout if it has enough warmth above 75° F or 23° C.

My solution and conclusion

Dying seedlings what can you do? It depends on if you have a lot of seeds or someone gave you a few. If they did, ask them for more if not you can try to baby it only if you caught them on the early stage. If you caught them early you can do what the YouTube video above. I do the same.

If you suspect anything wrong it’s never too late considering the situation.

Examine the sprouts was it not enough off …?

Too much off…?

Can you save it? If not best to start over and keep a reminder.

March is a transplanted month for me. So look for an area you haven’t use to plant the same plant before and plant something new. Rotating vegetable mends your soil and keeps it fertile and mix nutrients for the new growth.

My Thai chili pepper got angry at me for trimming it too much and went to chili pepper heaven. It produced so many for two whole years and it just decided enough was enough.

This area I used it for my Jerusalem artichoke this year I plant my chili pepper plants. They are habanero peppers, serrano peppers, and Asian peppers. Behind them are my spinach and broccoli plants.

New area for my plants

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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How to cope with the loss of a child? R.I.P

A God sent is a child of God and will venture with him

From the beginning of his birth Who would have thought that they would be finding a way on how to cope with the loss of a child. He was born perfect. Perfect little nose, little eyes, little nose, and perfect little mouth. Perfect in every way, shape and form, every parent’s dream of their little child.

He was as smart as any little kid out there. Cute as a button. Only to realize that his life would be short. I remembered my nightmares with my one and only daughter.


Parents the worst nightmares

Parents nightmare is, one when the child has a fever “OMG, mom help my baby is sick! What should I do!” Screaming on the phone with panic attacks and anxieties. Just for my mom to say “Why you stupid stop being like a child and calm down.” Panting “but mom you don’t understand my baby, your granddaughter is very ill!” Almost running out of breath.

“Wait let me come over.” Yelling at me this time for yelling at her. When she came over she examined her granddaughter like a midwife would do, carefully. This is what she tells my daughter as if I wasn’t there. As she picks up my daughter she says to her, mind you she’s speaking in Hmong and it translates to. “Your mommy is stupid you’re not having a fever you’re just hot from all this swaddling in the summertime.”

Second parents’ nightmare is when the child is choking! “Mom my baby is choking!” Mom comes over, she’s not choking she’s coughing. “Stop giving her too much water too fast.”

Third when the baby does a vanishing act. Like you know you set your toddler down for one second to take out money to pay for some sweets and then turn around to realize she’s gone!

I took my child with me to pick up my little sister from kindergarten. I had set her down so I can sign the release form to take out my sister and when I turn around my daughter was gone again!

I walked out to the sidewalk which was right in front of the classroom door. To see that my child has walked down the sidewalk where traffic was coming towards her. My heart was pounding so hard I think my sister could have heard it from in her classroom with all the traffic zipping alongside her.Frighten

My baby will run wobbling down the sidewalk if I call out to her she thinks we’re playing. When she turned around and saw me she giggled and wobble faster almost falling right into traffic. My heart leaped out of my chest prompting me to walk faster but not too fast or she’ll just wobble faster.

Finally, caught up to her and I was counting my blessing. All the thoughts cramming my head still lingers to this day!

I’m sure that all you out there was somewhat the same way as I was as being a first-time parent.

Fourth is finding out that your little angel has a blood disorder that does not allow his little body to produce enough hemoglobin, irons containing proteins in the red blood cell carrying oxygen for his little body.

He was the youngest of five and was born with beta-thalassemia major. I visited him and his parents’ at the Orange County children’s hospital once and he was so courageous.

He as only six at the time. Such a brave little soul he was so used to being in the hospital it was like his second home. He was not afraid. Just sitting there smiling and playing with his toy on the hospital bed as if he’s waiting for a friend to come to play with him.

Since he was family I saw him quite often every time we went to visit. He’s getting good with his math especially addition and verbiage. Learning to say “hi” or “nyob zoo” I was very impressed because he was only three weeks older than my child, his cousin.

His manners had improved greatly. He was loved by all. Such a sick yet an energetic child who was like any little boy. He had friends, toys, families, and God in his heart.



We connected again in Long Beach Hmong new year.

When the child becomes a teenager it gets harder. I believe that raising a daughter is more of a challenge than raising a boy. But that’s another story.

Through Facebook, I come to know that during his teenage years he went through two blood transfusion and was back in the hospital in 2017 for graft vs. host disease (GVHD.)

By now, we have lost contact because of misfortune came to claim my marriage. That misfortune was called divorce. However, he was never forgotten and the two cousins remain, friends. I get updates from my child and stories about him.

He had a blog post that I subscribed to and Facebook that I had befriended him.

The last time I saw him was seven years ago when he attended the Long Beach Hmong new years celebration that is held every year in Eldorado Park in Long Beach, CA. It was a delight to see him again in such a long time. We hugged and welcome him to the event and we took a lot of pictures. At one time we jokingly married him to my niece.

We had a wonderful time. He never let that disease take over his life. He had a life he was living and that disease can go to where ever it came from. After that, we said our goodbyes and connected on Facebook, “let’s connect on FB.”

That is how I was updated on his activities. He’s been in and out of the hospital and in 2017 when he had GVHD this rubbed his young life at the tender age of 23.

Although he lost to the disease he was living and his memories lived on in our hearts.

How do you cope with the loss of a child?


How do you cope? For me, I couldn’t tell you. This is what I can tell you right now as I write this post that I will miss him dearly. I will miss his poems, his love stories he’s so passionate about, his love for God, his love for life, his love for his family, and his love for being a son. He knew who he was he was a great man.

Who am I to help find a solution to help you with the loss of a child to beta-thalassemia major? I am not a doctor or any professional to help with losing a child but I felt as if I have lost a child of my own. I believed that if I talk about it, it might help me how to cope with losing a child.

For those that are directly involved please find professional help with your grievances. Don’t do it alone. You may need some time alone to grieve on your own but please ask for help.

Take a break to think to put your thoughts together. I could only imagine that it is hard but you must be strong for the rest of the family.

God only gives you what you can handle he knows what you can and can not do.

No parent wants to bury their child. It’s supposed to be the other way around. Life isn’t fair but sometimes it happens. The only thing we could think about is that he is with God now. He wanted to take one of his good angel home.

He was a child of God and the lord knows this so he released his angel from the pain and torture to send him home.

To the living and the one that still needs to find God. He no longer fighting the disease. He’s resting at his eternal zen. He loved you so much that he will no longer burden you with emotional torture. The constant worry of him. He is with God, he is home. He is being taken care of.

When the time is right he will come back better than before. You all will someday be reunited again. He is waiting for us up there.


My solution and conclusion

Whatever pain that you are feeling just know that he is with the Lord all mighty he is safe and care for. He will never forget you. You will forever be his parent, brother, nephew, friend, lover, and child. You all must dry up those eyes because we want him to take his journey with sunshine and joy. No more rain on his trek. Please do not make his walk slippery.

He would love you all to celebrate his life. Tell your kids, friends, and loved ones that he was a brave and courageous man that was full of life.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


I am not a doctor nor a professional to help in any way. I’m just a blogger who is grieving at the moment.

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This is dedicated to Chang Mong (Tshajmoo) Yang R.I.P

August 16, 1995 – February 12, 2019

Cheng Yang RIP

Event: Service/Visitation
Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019
Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Location: Banning LEC,
523 Morongo Ave.
Banning, CA 92220

Event: Service/Burial
Date: Monday, February 25, 2019
Time: TBD
Location: San Gorgonio Memorial Park


Getting the Garden Ready for Spring Planting

Get garden ready for spring


Getting the garden ready for spring planting is so much fun. Ah, the beautiful sound of birds chirping the songs of spring sung by mother natures choirs. I guess to us humans it’s just birds chirping to the birds it’s probably something like.

“Spring is here wake up, wake up my children. The universe is calling lighting us a path. Wake up, wake up father time will be here soon to guide us until the rise of the moon. Let’s go, let’s go find our friends and our neighbors, let’s go parade together. Go on wake up, wake up. Go up and go high, go far and go wide we must spread the words of spring has arrived!”

What do you need?

I know that right now as I am sitting here talking about what to plant for spring when in reality some parts of the United States are freezing over. I know we are currently having a freezing spell back east and I feel for you all. May the universe’s force be with you all.

In real time winter is still here. Hopefully when I post this blog spring will be just around the corner. In the meantime, let’s see how our winter vegetables are doing. My cherry tomatoes are holding up pretty well as you can see.

My chili peppers had been harvested three times already. I have given away a sandwich bag full already. OMG, they are super spicy. And I am leaving my mustard green to seed so I can have forever gardened.

  • Pull out your seeds
  • find a new area
  • trowel
  • gloves
  • tags
  • sharpie

If you are already an advanced gardener these items are all optional except for the seeds. You want to find a new area for your new plants to grow. Switching sections for different plants allow the soil to take up different nutrients and allowing the new plants to give nutrients to the soil.

However, if you have a small area or you use containers as your garden you can boil hot water pour it over the soil you used last to kill whatever fungus or bacteria you don’t want on your new seedlings. Wait a couple of hours to seed. Now, if you use organic compost then you just need to turn your soil add more compost and you’re ready to go.

Tags and sharpie are for writing down what you’ve seeded and date, really useful. I forget what and where I seeded so this reminds me of what I planted where.

Okay, using hot water is optional. My mom does it all the time and it works great for her because she lives in a small apartment and uses containers to plant her vegetables in.

Getting Your Soil Ready

First thing first you must prepare your soil. Actually, that is the priority one. If your soil is bad soil then your seedlings will be weak and it will wilt and die.

This must be down a couple of weeks before any planting. Get out those big gardening tools like the old rake, garden hoe, and shovel. Do a little yard work, clean up. Rake up all the old leaves set aside. Use your garden hoe to plow through the garden area.

When you’re done with plowing use the shovel to make a foot deep and a foot wide along your garden, mixed it with organic manure or fertilizer and bury it in the ground. I do this in my garden all the time because I have sandy soil and it does not contain the nutrients my plants need.

This method prevents me from buying fertilizer to use in my vegetables and herb gardened. Not to mention I’ve made my own compost to use as well.

What vegetable plants to plant now that winter harvest is done and spring will be upon us?

Now that you had mended your soil. You’ll need to check your local zone to see what you can seed or transplant into your gardened.

For the locals, you can start with transplanting your indoor seedling. Please Click here on what to seed! From last week’s post.

Tomatoes and chili peppers are always great to have around. My cherry tomatoes are just ripping just perfectly in a bucket.

cherry tomatoes

Don’t Forget!

Very important and I almost forgot! It’s time to fertilize your citrus now if you haven’t already. Right now the citrus is just starting to come out of dormancy and they are looking for nutrients to feed on. They are going to want to establish new root strength from hibernation so long.

Just like people from waking up in the morning and having their first or 10 cups of coffee before they can function. That’s what the citrus is doing as well.

Here are some links to follow on. Fertilize your citrus and Do this today! It is time.

My solution and conclusion.

Here a video on YouTube to get you started.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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What seeds to start in February?


As the year progresses and winter is still upon us but have you been wondering what seeds to start in February? Here in the desert southwest, we are so very lucky to have subzero temperatures. For those of you that are in the cold regions please keep warm and I will be saying a prayer for all of you.

I have started some seeds inside.  I have red corn growing and borage pictures are at the bottom of the post. You will see it after reading through the tools and seeds you’ll need to start seeding today.

What seeds would you need

The seeds depend on what you want to plant. Plus the zone that you live in. If you don’t know your zone go to Check Your Planting Zone Here. To find your zone and what you can start your seeds indoors. You can also go over to your local nursery and ask the professionals there. I’m sure they can guide you on what you need.

I can only tell you what I’m going to seed according to my zone. Here in the desert southwest, I have seeded some red corn, for popcorn.

I have planted sorghum and regular corn and sweet corn to eat and popcorn, however, this year I found red corn from the store and I thought I give it a try this year. Red corn, I have never eaten any I’ve only heard from my elders who are faith healers and herbalist to know of its supernatural uses. Ward off evil spirits. But that’s a different post.

I have also seeded some borage herbs and now it has started to come up. Here you can start with these seeds at the beginning of February are:

  • Beets
  • cabbage
  • tomatoes
  • mustard greens
  • collard

By mid-February you can start with:

  • Beans
  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • corn

These should get you started. Remember plant only what you are going to eat. I normally go plant happy and planted too much. I either end up giving them to my friends or having them bolted. Which it isn’t bad to give to my friends or having them bolted and having a forever garden.

It’s just a lot of energy and time. I know garden lovers are saying it isn’t true and they love being outside. Me too!


What to use for your indoor planting

When it comes to sowing seeds I’ve always been a recycler of containers especially if I had purchased some sprout from the local nursery or big box store. I like to keep them for future use. That’s just me.

You can go and buy some garden kit from an online store like Amazon. They have a plethora of kits and organic seeds. Or just click any of my affiliates links and they will be glad to help you out.

  • Toilet paper rolls or paper towel roll
  • solo one-shot cups
  • old used planters
  • seed starter soil
  • recycled sprout containers you bought from the nursery.

You can use anything that can hold soil or seed starting soil from the nursery. Read here for more ideas! Put your newly sowed seeds by a window cell or a place where it’s bright.

You can also go and buy a growing light if you want.

Here a tip to grow chili peppers or sweet peppers:

Soak the pepper seeds in room temperature water for 24 hours it helps it germinates. Keep soil at about 75°- 95° F (23.89°C – 35° C) Optimal would be at 85° F (29.4° C) Keeping your soil at the required temperature you would need a heating mate.

You can even use any halogens light but wrapped it so no wind or cold could get in. I use a salt lamp as an experiment.

My solution and conclusion

Red one-shot solo cups for starting seeds

As you can see here I used the one-shot red solo cups to start my seeds. This is something new I am trying. We will find out if the sprout will be happy. The borrage and red corns seem to be happy. They love my salt lamp as well. It keeps them warm at a temperature of 70° F (21° C.)

Check out the YouTube video it has some great information on the seeds and what they are. Plus some plant cells he recommends.

This is my set up. Please go and start seeding and tell me how it goes. What do you think of eating red corn? Have you tried making drinks out of the sorghum or planted any?

Guys, whatever you do make sure to have fun! Go start today! This moment is the right time. (Only if it’s February if not wait until then.) 🙂

I hope that this gives you guys an idea of what seeds to start in February.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences. Working outdoors and make mulch with fallen leaves my back aches and hurts from time to time. If you are in pain and would love to know how to relieve your aches comment on my post and I’ll send you a sample.

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