What Kind of Seeds to use for Beginners

What kind of seeds to use for beginners

Hello there, last week I told you I yapped too much and didn’t help much well today here it is. Try growing vegetables and herbs from seeds. It’s easier, more fun, and being active.

Here are some easy ones:

  • Mustard greens
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Cilantro
  • Leeks
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes (any)

People tell me “I want the best for my family’s health.” Seems like everyone wants the same thing so that’s why I have a small garden that I use out in my backyard. I planted carrots (not the best looking but it taste spectacular), beets, spinach (so yummy), mustard greens, and my herbs.
I stay away from harsh chemicals like herbicide, insecticide, or anything that makes our vegetables commit suicide! Excuse the pun but seriously who wants all that in our body?

So if you don’t know where to get seeds here’s a site you can purchase some. This site sells non-GMO seeds plus they are organic so everything you purchase here you can rest assured that you are getting the best for your family. Getting seeds is very easy. 

I have my own seeds from my vegetables. Preferably, I like it this way because I know where my seeds are coming from. Plant a few more than what you need and let some grow until they flowered and produce seeds so next time you have your own seeds to use. Watch out for eyeing birds though. They can’t wait for the seeds to ripen before attacking the vegetables. You can purchase none-GMO seeds online if you want.

You can also go to your local nursery, some home improvement stores also have them. Get the package(s) that says “Organic” you won’t be disappointed. It’s a little more but it’s not mechanically engineered to be genetically modified organisms (GMO.)

Right seeds for your garden

Getting the right seeds at the right time is essential because if you sow the wrong seeds and it doesn’t propagate as it should. It’s not the right seeds for the season. Because we live in Yuma, AZ it’s hot and dry. We need to pick a place that has at least 6 hrs of sunlight, where there won’t be too many high winds and can be water by hand or a drip system easily. If your garden is too far you lack the energy to go have it water. But if you have them on a drip system all you need to do is go out every other day to see the ground open up and see little seedlings waving at ya. Sunshade

During the Summer months, the sunray is harsh on our plants. If you cover them with some sunshade they will do just fine. Now that Fall is almost here save the sunshade for next Summer. Plus it saves you money from buying new sunshades.

Tool to use for gardening

  • Trowel
  • Utility scissors
  • Pickaxe (optional)
  • Seeds

Okay now that we have gathered our tools, let’s go to work. Now in your prepared garden, you want to use the pickaxe to hoe the section where you want to plant once, that is done use your trowel to smooth over the loose dirt. Make rows of dirt where you want your sow your seeds.Gardening Tools

Note: If you have a decent size like mine 18′ X 20′ make your grooves between sections big enough for you to step into. When you need to move around you would not want to step all over the seeded section. If you prefer to use a raised garden because you do not have room or want to build one you can also check this site out for more ideas. 

Once, that’s done use your scissors to open the seed package. You can also rip the top off too. Use the pickaxe or finger to make one-inch deep holes and one foot apart. You want to set them far enough apart so when the vegetables grow it’s not too crowded. Pour some seeds into your hand. This way you can control how many seeds go into the hole you just made.

Watching my mom seed her garden and it’s fun like watching someone fly fishing. She tosses the seeds onto her garden then she goes over them with a rake, like raking in the leaves. Soon after the seeds sprout she goes out there to thin them out. I’m a perfectionist I like doing things right the first time. In the end, I watch everything grows, it’s so exciting. Maybe it’s just me.

So go give it a shot, you never know you might have a green thumb.

If you have any comments or suggestions for me please leave them down below I love to hear from you. I also love to learn from others to so come by and have tea with me in my garden. Thank you for stopping by. Let’s have fun!

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