Getting the Garden Ready for Spring Planting


Get garden ready for spring


Getting the garden ready for spring planting is so much fun. Ah, the beautiful sound of birds chirping the songs of spring sung by mother natures choirs. I guess to us humans it’s just birds chirping to the birds it’s probably something like.

“Spring is here wake up, wake up my children. The universe is calling lighting us a path. Wake up, wake up father time will be here soon to guide us until the rise of the moon. Let’s go, let’s go find our friends and our neighbors, let’s go parade together. Go on wake up, wake up. Go up and go high, go far and go wide we must spread the words of spring has arrived!”

What do you need?

I know that right now as I am sitting here talking about what to plant for spring when in reality some parts of the United States are freezing over. I know we are currently having a freezing spell back east and I feel for you all. May the universe’s force be with you all.

In real time winter is still here. Hopefully when I post this blog spring will be just around the corner. In the meantime, let’s see how our winter vegetables are doing. My cherry tomatoes are holding up pretty well as you can see.

My chili peppers had been harvested three times already. I have given away a sandwich bag full already. OMG, they are super spicy. And I am leaving my mustard green to seed so I can have forever gardened.

  • Pull out your seeds
  • find a new area
  • trowel
  • gloves
  • tags
  • sharpie

If you are already an advanced gardener these items are all optional except for the seeds. You want to find a new area for your new plants to grow. Switching sections for different plants allow the soil to take up different nutrients and allowing the new plants to give nutrients to the soil.

However, if you have a small area or you use containers as your garden you can boil hot water pour it over the soil you used last to kill whatever fungus or bacteria you don’t want on your new seedlings. Wait a couple of hours to seed. Now, if you use organic compost then you just need to turn your soil add more compost and you’re ready to go.

Tags and sharpie are for writing down what you’ve seeded and date, really useful. I forget what and where I seeded so this reminds me of what I planted where.

Okay, using hot water is optional. My mom does it all the time and it works great for her because she lives in a small apartment and uses containers to plant her vegetables in.

Getting Your Soil Ready

First thing first you must prepare your soil. Actually, that is the priority one. If your soil is bad soil then your seedlings will be weak and it will wilt and die.

This must be down a couple of weeks before any planting. Get out those big gardening tools like the old rake, garden hoe, and shovel. Do a little yard work, clean up. Rake up all the old leaves set aside. Use your garden hoe to plow through the garden area.

When you’re done with plowing use the shovel to make a foot deep and a foot wide along your garden, mixed it with organic manure or fertilizer and bury it in the ground. I do this in my garden all the time because I have sandy soil and it does not contain the nutrients my plants need.

This method prevents me from buying fertilizer to use in my vegetables and herb gardened. Not to mention I’ve made my own compost to use as well.

What vegetable plants to plant now that winter harvest is done and spring will be upon us?

Now that you had mended your soil. You’ll need to check your local zone to see what you can seed or transplant into your gardened.

For the locals, you can start with transplanting your indoor seedling. Please Click here on what to seed! From last week’s post.

Tomatoes and chili peppers are always great to have around. My cherry tomatoes are just ripping just perfectly in a bucket.

cherry tomatoes

Don’t Forget!

Very important and I almost forgot! It’s time to fertilize your citrus now if you haven’t already. Right now the citrus is just starting to come out of dormancy and they are looking for nutrients to feed on. They are going to want to establish new root strength from hibernation so long.

Just like people from waking up in the morning and having their first or 10 cups of coffee before they can function. That’s what the citrus is doing as well.

Here are some links to follow on. Fertilize your citrus and Do this today! It is time.

My solution and conclusion.

Here a video on YouTube to get you started.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


This is based on where I reside and my own experiences.

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