Growing Seeds Indoors In Yuma AZ Zone 10 A

Seeds indoors

Seeds indoors

Okay, my fellow gardeners fall has arrived and the weather is getting colder. However, we can always start growing seeds indoors! If you have been following me so far you know that I love to watch my plant grow from seeds. I get so giddy.

However, there are vegetables that can be grown directly in the soil look for them below. Is it too cold to germinate any seeds directly into the ground? Depending on who you ask.

If you ask me, no. I seeded carrots, chives, and garlic. Some others too.

Let’s grow some seeds indoors. Our first frost is December 21 at Yuma Quartermaster Depot climate station.

Growing Seeds Indoors Guide

Seeds indoors

CropsStart Seeds Indoors…Plant seedlings Outdoors when…Start seeds Outdoors when…
Fall Crops
CarrotsN/AN/ANov 1
KohlrabiN/AN/ANov 1
BeetsN/AN/ANov 6
LettuceN/AN/ANov 11
TurnipsN/AN/ANov 11
Swiss ChardN/AN/ANov 11
ArugulaN/AN/ANov 16
RadishesN/AN/ANov 16
SpinachN/AN/ANov 26
Spring Crops
ThymeDec 21-Jan 18March 1-March 22Trail and Error
RosemaryDec 21-Jan 4March 8-March 29Trail and Error
OreganoDec 21-Jan 6March 1-March 29Trail and Error
Jalapeno peppersDec 21-Jan 4March 8-March 22Trail and Error
Fava Beans (Broad Beans)Dec 7-Dec 21Jan 11-Feb 1Trail and Error
CeleryDec 21-Jan 4March 8-March 22Trail and Error
Bell PeppersDec 21-Jan 4March 8-March 22Trail and Error
Growing seeds Guide

I also add some spring crops seeds indoors for your convenience. I hope it helps with your planning. Let’s see what can grow. Best of luck and please come back to let me know how you did in the comment section. I love updates from everyone.

See my seeds list for more info. Let’s have fun while playing in the dirt.


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