Things Not to Do During a Heatwave

Stop do not plant

Things NOT to do during a heatwave

I know we love our plants and don’t want them to die but there are things we must NOT do because of too much love.

  1. Don’t water in mid-day
  2. Don’t transplant or seed
  3. Don’t prune
  4. Don’t fertilize

As much as we love our plants don’t water them in mid-day. Watering in mid-day can result in water burn especially if you live in Yuma, AZ. The water will act like a magnifying glass. Some people say you should give your plant some relief from the heat but look around you first.

Suppose you have a thriving garden where most of them are green. If you have a micro-climate that you already have established then yes it’s okay to water it mid-day because you already have some kind of shade or other sun/heat-loving plants planted next to them.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t had any of the things I’ve mentioned above then you might not want to water them mid-day.

Don’t transplant. if it’s too hot for you to go out and start digging. It’s just too hot for the plants to thrive. Don’t seed just yet it’ll be too hot and possibly be cooked seeds and the chance of them germinating is slow or might end up rotted or drying up in the process.

We are tempted to cut off all the dead things to help them concentrate on the new growth but it might be the plants protecting the ones that aren’t burnt yet. Big leaves will die off hanging around to protect the green plant behind or in front of it.

Just because the plants looked like it wilting during the heatwave doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be fed. Don’t feed it just yet. You’ll end up burning all of them.

Things you should do

Shade structure

  1. Shade your plant
  2. Gather all your potted plants together under a shade structure or big tree
  3. Mulch heavily with organic materials
  4. Water when the sun goes down
  5. Don’t overwater

This would be the perfect time to shade your plants temporarily until the heat wave passes.

Gather all your container plants under a tree(s). That will give them some shade when they needed most.

If you can get some organic mulch like wood chips or grass cuttings use it to mulch them. Having said that don’t smother the trunk if you’re mulching your fruit trees.

Use straws or hay for the vegetables and herb section.

The best time to water is from sundown that way you’ll prevent them from burning up or blanching them. Also do not overwater. One way to find out is to touch the ground if it feels damp don’t water it.

A finger test is the best way to tell. Too much water during the heat and humidity will cause root rot.

The End Result


Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, or questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so in my comment section and I’ll get back to you. I love learning new things.

Happy gardening folks. If you’re not having fun don’t do it. Challenge the unknown. You may be surprised to find your soul.


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