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The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden

I had the pleasure of visiting the Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden in the heart of the city of Yuma, AZ.

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In The Heart Of The City Of Yuma AZ

When you search for a hidden gem in Yuma Arizona you get mostly hotels and Airbnb stays. And of course, who wouldn’t want to stay at a fantastic place while visiting Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is one of the hidden city gems in Arizona to visit.

That’s why in the fall or cool-season they have snowbirds from all over the States and surrounding countries. (Due to COVID-19) that year’s snowbirds from Canada, Mexico, and around the world have temporarily halted.

Now the borders are open and everyone is welcome back. Go visit the garden. They’ll love to have you.

Things you’ll find in Yuma

Things to do

There are a plethora of things to do in Yuma. Depending on your taste and enjoyment it has:

  • Yuma art center.
  • West Wetlands Park
  • Wayland’s Water world
  • Yuma East Wetlands
  • Mittry Lake
  • Yuma Visitor Information Center
  • Cross the border into Mexico.

These are all great fun. However, there is a little place in the heart of Yuma that no one talks about. This place is full of mother nature’s work.

This place is called The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden and it is maintained by the Moody Garden Makers Club (originally called.) Now it’s called Moody Garden Club. The garden thrives with volunteers that have taken some of their precious time to help maintain the garden. This is all volunteer work from the Master Gardener who graduated from the course and of course, they do have some none Master gardeners too.

The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden

It’s a beautiful place to be. During the cool months take the kids and visit the children’s garden. There’s a big tractor in the middle of the garden that the kids can climb up on it (with adult supervision.)

Go have a picnic in the garden. It has two circular tables with benches for the entire family. Not only that they also have benches along the walking route.  When you are admiring the trees, flowers, or bushes, please have a seat, that’s what it is there for.

Picnic tables

They have beautifully put up professional signs with the name of the plants and their botanical names as well. Not only for your knowledge but an educational purposes as well.

There nearby schools come out for educational activities. They do plant studies too. They learned what to look for, the characteristics of each plant, and common names and scientific names for each plant.

The cultivated garden is full of flowers in the spring that the garden club picked for a beautiful flower bouquet.


Spring In The Garden

Everything including weeds starts its life cycle. Everything is alive and they are showing their true colors from dessert lilies, sunflowers, lattice, sea lavenders, and hollyhocks. It’s always better in person.


Summer In The Garden

In the summer it is when all the snowbirds had gone home because we are too hot to handle. We have new colors and smells in the garden that you must see and experience. The Texas ebony smells heavenly about 10ft away. It’s a must-experience if you can handle the heat!

Spring has her beauty and summer has its own. And seems like that all Yuma, AZ. If you ask the locals, some say you have hell then you have paradise.  Hahaha either way you must see for yourself.


The Best Place To Meditate

The healing garden. No place you want to be when you’re stressed or just need a quiet serene place to be by yourself and unwind! The Moody Garden Club calls it the healing garden. It wraps around in mint, cilantro, dill, fenugreek,  onions, and oregano.

You get all the herbal scents while you chill and relax. Your sensory will thank you. 🙂

The healing garden

Hey, you guys the MGM Club is in partnership with the University of Arizona and is working diligently to help the handicapped of this city to help everyone to come to see what all the buzz is all about. They do have handicapped access to the garden.

Project for the near future. They are trying to raise money for a couple of raised garden beds for the physically challenged. Please consider your donation, at any rate, is welcome. They have a website, as well as a Facebook page and IG.

They are always striving to make accommodations for everyone to enjoy the garden. Safety is their priority and enjoyment is second.

For anyone interested in becoming a member of the club or wants to take a course to become a Master Gardener come every Tuesday to get more info.

Check out the Yuma Cooperative Extension Master Gardener course starting soon in 2022!

Thanks for visiting The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden in the very heart of Yuma, AZ.

Disclaimer: When I wrote this article everything was relevant if you happen to find this article, not to par. The Moody Garden Club members volunteered their time a couple of hours every week to help maintain the garden. Without the help of your precious donation, they wouldn’t have the fund to buy new or dying trees and plants.

My Final Thoughts

The Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden runs on volunteers and donations. The biggest issue they have right now is irrigation, removal of dead trees, and overgrown palms, and most of the members are aging out.

Some of the members are the pioneers of the Moody Garden’s inception and are also snowbirds.

I am hoping that this article will catch some younger readers who would love this garden as much as the pioneers that still are around to help in the garden as well.

Most members are Master Gardeners.

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