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Moringa the Miracle Tree

First of all, what is a moringa tree? How to plant moringa tree? Why should you care? Where do I get it? Or why is it called it moringa the

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Hand Pollinating Fruit Trees

We as humans just gonna push the plants a little when they’re too shy to do it themselves. Humans match making plants to have sprouts. Wouldn’t that be interesting? O.O

Mini roses

Starting a New Spring vegetable garden

Okay guys and gals spring is here and everything from vegetables to insects are just itching to pop. That’s right little insect eggs are dancing around in their shell waiting

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Citrus fertilizing time – Schedule zone 9-11

If you have citrus in your backyard or anywhere and you want abundant of fruits, it’s time to get them fertilized. Yes, it’s time. I should have post this at

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gardening clothes

What to wear when gardening – Fashion Tips 101

Okay, so who thinks about fashion when you’re outside gardening and you’re sweating, who thinks about fashion? A pair of old tennis shoes, t-shirt, and a short, voila all done!


Valentine’s Day is Here – gardening Gifts

Valentine’s day is for lovers. Not anymore, it’s about who you love. I gave my mom some herbal plants for Valentine’s day. And sometimes a flower because she loves plants and especially flowers.


Planting herbs and vegetables in the desert condition

I survived through 120 degrees Fahrenheit and lived. I was burnt but still strong. How does that happened? Follow me I’ll show you and no, SPF 100, will not help.