Late Summer Vegetable Garden

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So we are in the middle of summer and the sun is beating down hard on us in the southwest desert while monsoon is ready to strike us anytime any moment without notice. And you have an idea you want to start a vegetable garden in the middle of this war. Let’s see if you are up for a late summer vegetable garden challenge.

Pros and Cons of Mr. Monsoon


Ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls of all ages you are all welcome to this challenge. Get your trowel, shovel, garden hoe, and hose ready for this fun in the sun summer party. We’re gonna call it operation defeat monsoon. As you all already know that we were hit by monsoon not too long ago.

There are pro and cons when Mr. Monsoon visits. He might bring us rain which its great for our vegetable, especially during the hot summer. Mr. Monsoon can bring us some winds which it helps the vegetable be fertile and help move the pollen around so the vegetables can produce more for us to consume.

The bad part is when Mr. Monsoon comes in with too much rain it drowns our vegetables and herbs. They will get root rot because it is too much water. When he breathes too hard and the wind he produces can uproot the vegetables. With that dust accompany him and we can’t see.

Let’s Start A Late Summer Vegetable Garden

Whatever you have from container gardening, raised beds, or ground gardening one thing is for sure we want a good harvest that’s the reason why we plant stuff. Vegetables we know that it is not GMO (genetically modified organism) but organic foods. And you know that when purchasing organic food at the grocery store is expensive.

Here is where to get some organic seeds. Keep it away from a strong gust of winds. So, you want to know where to start.

Pick an area that is not prone to high winds during this monsoon season a place that well drained and has plenty of sunlight. Also, be sure to have some kind of cover to protect the new growth or saplings.

Should You Transplant

At this time transplanting may be too much for them (the vegetables) and the heat at night isn’t cool enough to help them recover. It is best to seed indoor first. Just because the nursery has them it doesn’t mean that it’s a good time to transplant anything at this time.

There is a difference between transplanting and planting. Transplanting is when you buy some saplings and you want to transplant it from its little container into a bigger container or into the earth. Vegetables are usually transplanted. Tomato plants are an example of transplanting because you want to it to thrive and bear fruits so you transplanted into the earth.

Planting is when the plant you are buying is already balled and ready to go into the earth from the nursery. The plant is already well-established or the plant is in its dormant state. For example, if you’re buying a full size rose bush from the nursery and you want it in front of your yard, you are planting a rose bush not transplanting. This is great for ornamental gardening of flowers and bushes, xeriscaping so to speak.


Vegetables You Can Plant Right Now

Right now you can plant corn. Corn is great to plant they mature from 60 to 100 days. Harvest corn when the ears are dark green the silk is brown. You can also do what my mom does when the corn is dark green and the silk is a little brown is to peel the top of the ear to look for plump kernels and when squeezed the liquid should be milky and not clear.

Last week I wrote about pumpkins and squash. You can start that and get jack-o-lantern by October. Or just make pumpkin pies whatever you fancy. Pumpkin soup by itself no salt no pepper adds sugar to taste for a cold drink.

Grow climbing beans next to your corn they can help each other.

I love mustard green so I started seeding mustard greens. Kale is great for this time as well. My collard trees are doing okay for the most part.

Don’t forget peppers from jalapenos, cilantro, and leeks or scallions. Leeks take longer to mature but its worth it. This is all from my own experience.


There you go, people, I hope that this gives you an idea of where you want your garden to be. What to seed and harvest in the following months. Transplanting and planting with the care of any plants. Soon Mr. Monsoon with being gone and your garden will be happy. You can reap the rewards later.

So get going and start your late summer vegetable garden today. I hope this help sort some ideas out there in the desert southwest.

Got questions and ideas or even some things you know please leave them in my comment section and I’ll be sure to read or answer any questions you may have. Have a great day!

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