Living to be 100

What are we doing to be living to be 100?

Who doesn’t want to live to be 100? There are a lot of ways to do to live that long. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can accomplish living to be 100.


What kind of exercise I’m talking about?

Some people get up early for a good jog in the early morning when there isn’t too much traffic with car exhaust puttering in the street.

When the sun is just peeking out from the east crawling it’s way up to the sky. The cool breezes race in circles in their hair and skips in and out of the heavily breathing nostrils.

Heading to a gym to knock off the leftover stress from last night and beginning of the day before heading to the snake den call work.

Retire people doing yoga at the park with friends and neighbors. While some walk their pets down the street with their friends. Not to mention the indoor people that are anti-social who have machines to help them out like a treadmill, stationary cycling bikes, and dumbbells, weights for bodybuilders.

I’m not so sure about doing vascular workout first thing in the morning. I’ve heard stories and one hit close to home. Working out first thing in the morning could cause too much stress on a waking up the heart. A jolt to from a resting heart to and rapid beating heart could cause tremendous stress to the heart. But then again that’s just my concern.

My method that I hope to do to be living to 100 is gardening

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As far as I’m concern I am not a morning person although I do get up pretty early in the morning. At 5 am I’m already up. If I want to be lazy I’ll stay in bed until 6:30 am and be cozy on the days I don’t have to go to work.

I brew myself some moringa tea which I grow in my backyard garden. It’s a little chilly this season so I wait until the sun found its way up just teasing me to go out.

I check on my girls, those are my laying hens. They are so sweet giving me all sorts of colored eggs from a tint of blue, green, brown, and pink eggs, beautiful.

The reasons some people think that living to be 100 from gardening is that you pluck and pull weeds from your herb or garden vegetables. That would be working your arm muscles and shoulders.

Bending down working your back muscles. As you bend up and down you’re working your abs as well as your love handles.

Gardening requires much walking to and fro. Now you’re working your leg muscles and buttocks. Don’t forget the hose and watering cans filled with water. That’s weights for building strength and stamina.

Lastly the fresh air you breathe. The air inside your house could be more harmful than the air from outside. Because the air inside your house does not get recycled or move around with new air its just stale air collecting bacteria.

When you have the time you can read up on how gardening also helps with stress relief as well.

After my morning workout, I come inside and blog about my garden experience.


Whatever your methods you use to live to 100 is up to you. I’ll keep my method of gardening and planting fresh vegetables for my family’s consumption. Eating healthy and working out are two factors for living to be 100.

What’s your method of keeping healthy and living as long as possible? Please let us know. Got any questions or comments leave them on my comment section and we’ll discuss them. Thank you for reading my blog. Please come again!

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