Mustard Green Plants

Today we look into mustard green plants and why I am so passionate about these vegetables. I grow these years round. Why? Because our weather is just awesome during this time until next summer and even during that time they grow really well too.

Mustard Green Plants

Their seeds look like this.mustard green seeds

They don’t care where you seed them. It grows where ever you have a little bit of dirt. And they are not picky vegetable plants, where it must be love. Mustards are very independent on their own and they thrive if they are not too crowded because if they are too crowded they will start to get stalky and go into seed same thing as if it hardly gets any water.

What mustard love is water not too much every other day should be sufficed.

One thing I learned over the summer was if you cover them while they are starting to sprout they are very green, sweet and delicious. They get pretty big with lots of leaves and the stalk is pretty big as well. However, you must harvest the whole bush.

If not, where ever I picked the leaves from, it will dry up and the sun will dry it up. So you must harvest the whole plant. One mustard plant was enough for my family.

However, if you never cover them they will learn how to protect themselves from being overheated and grow without a problem. Also when harvesting them being not covered, harvest the whole plant as well.

You can get the recipe to make pork soup and for vegetarians, chopped them up, stir-fry them with salt or your favorite seasonings and you’re ready to go. Chop a leaf and mix it in your salad it’s delicious!

Health Benefits

There are a large variety of mustard greens. I don’t know which variety mine are. I got them from my mom. These are handed down from friends and family so it could all be mixed or hybrid but not GMO. These are organic mustard green.

Mustard greens have vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C as well as fiber. So, people, if you are constipated, try having some. XD

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that will help with aches and pain. It doesn’t mean that it’s a painkiller. It just means it really good for you and you should have some. These plants are one of the ones that have proteins in it as well. Go get some today or plants some today.

Why I love to plant mustard greens

Besides from being very healthy and good for you, they are really easy to grow. People, if you are impatient like me you’ll love to grow mustard greens. Why? Because they germinate in like 3 days and they will already be sprouting it by then. So go have fun and watch it grow.

These are volunteers that grew by themselves. We had a storm last Monday. I was getting ready to turn the dirt in my raised garden bed but I notice that these babies are sprouting so I let them be. Mustard greens are one off the forever growing vegetable plants that they will grow year after year if you let them go to seed, some.

Read all about it here on my previous post on self-sustaining vegetables.

They are a pretty sight to look at. Once they mature they look like this and sweet. This is the perfect time to harvest and eat. Perfect for a salad at this time and sauteed it. If you wait any longer they will be bitter and harder to chew. But they are perfect for making soup with.

Companion plants

To improve taste and flavor plant them with their companion plants. Read them here for companion planting on other vegetables and herbs.

Plant mint with mustard to protect them from cabbage worms. Chives or garlic you’re going to need some anyway so why not plant them together? Broccoli is good for you too, plant some as well. Dill great in steamed fish and help protect your mustards.


There you have it. When planting mustard green plants you have it’s companion along as well for a whole vegetable and herb garden helping each other out. Better look with no insect eating it.  You will have fresh green leaves and improve flavors. Why not, in no time at all you’ll have a great vegetable and herb garden to tend to.

Please leave me a comment if I missed something or I need to be educated in something. I love to learn from everyone. Have a great day!

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