Self-Sustaining Vegetables – For Years to Come

chili pepper

Welcome to zbestgarden. Today I want to share some ideas with you all. Who wants to have a self-sustainable vegetable garden for years to come? I know I do. Self-sustaining vegetables are an excellent way to have vegetables growing when it’s time. In this post, I’ll be going over some vegetables and herbs that are likely to reseed itself and come up later in the season or next year.

Some will even stay dormant under heat and snow then sprout when the cost is clear.


Let’s take a closer look at mustard greens and collards. These to very healthy greens are a wonderful vegetable to grown in your garden. They will grow their wonderful broadleaf. After you harvest their leaves for consumption. You can pull it right from the roots to have a full bunch of greens.

However, save some plants that are growing to seed. One plant is good enough. With one plant seeds are plentiful.

Lettuces are the same along with kale, and broccoli. They will grow until flowered and seed.


Many have wondered what herbs will reseed itself? Coriander, cilantro, basil, mint, and rosemary. These herbs are excellent at regrowing back. Same as the vegetables above. Let it be they do best if left alone to regrow.

Hmong people considered red, and green malabar spinach as herbs they reseed themselves as well. They grow back every year and I have plenty of them.


Your garden will be full of herbs for next season.

Fruiting plants


Fruiting plants are tomatoes, chili peppers, and passion fruit vines. There’s more however, these are the ones I planted in my garden and I see it doing so every season. Tomatoes are like weeds and if you let a tomato drop it will grow from where it dropped. They are plants that grow whenever they feel like growing. You can never stop a tomato from sprouting if one tomato decides to go rogue.

You can control it by transplanting it elsewhere. My experience is if tomatoes are grown in one place for too long they get diseased and stump. For them to thrive you must transplant them to another area. Okay, the good news is you don’t really need to buy any more seeds. Just transplant the sprouts. Transplant it to some different corners of the garden it’ll do great.

Chili peppers are a little different. They can grow quickly and flowered quickly as well. Must top off the pepper plant. This allows them to grow wider and it’ll concentrate on a bigger stem. Pinch off flowers as they grow will stop it from premature fruiting. Stop pinching the flowers when you feel like it’s good enough that it can produce chili peppers. Usually when the plant’s stem is big and the leaves are green. That’s a good indicator. Didn’t know you can control the fruit growing didn’t you? 😀

Passionfruit vines, once it is established it will last a long time. I don’t think you need to worry about it reseeding itself. You just need to maintain its vines from growing out of control. However, it is also a reseeding self-sustaining fruit vine. A fruit will fall get eaten by animals, stepped on, or forgotten. It will reseed.


This idea is great if you have a great deal of land that it is only for planting. An area where you want to keep as, just gardening. A home backyard dedicated for gardening. I have a couple of areas including my raised bed garden at 3 ft tall. My back hurts a lot from bending. So I need couple 3 ft or 4 ft tall raised garden beds.

The seeds will fall from the mother tree. It will be forgotten, it’s a good thing, because by the time you know it you have seedlings all over. Mother-nature like to play tricks on us. It’s fine most of the time is all good. She takes care of us when we forget to.

The seeds will get stepped on and be planted accidentally or carried by wind, and bird or animal droppings, viola new seedlings. Whatever is growing and you didn’t plant it, just let it grow bigger to see if something you recognize. Seedlings that are not usable pluck ’em you have to weed anyway. XD

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Self-sustaining vegetables for the years to come. You’ll never have to buy seeds ever again. That’s one way of saving money. I hope this helps you out.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment and I’ll get to you. Let’s learn together. Let’s have fun.

Take care. Go take on the day, challenge the unknown. It’s good for you.

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