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Halloween – Ghost Story

Suddenly Pink growls. Pink never growls but today it’s different. Grasshopper’s arm hairs stood tall like soldiers seeing their squad leader coming. A chilly wind shot up her spine as she felt week in the knees.


Citrus Tree Fertilize – Part 3 Zone 9- 10a

It’s that time again the last schedule for fertilizing your citrus trees zone 9-10a part 3.

chili pepper

Self-Sustaining Vegetables – For Years to Come

Self sustaining vegetables are an excellent way to have vegetables.

lemongrass in the shade

Lemongrass Replanting – easy

Lemongrass hardy plant Lemongrass is a hardy plant. They are zone 10a friendly as long as you water them. They also love water. The more the water the more they

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Raindrip R560DP Review – Making life Easy

Product: R560DP Container & Hanging Basket Dripper Kit Price:   $37.62  $35.35 now Where you can find it: Amazon.com My rating: 4.5/5 stars Product Dimension: 13.25 in. L x 4 in. W

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