What Is White Spider Lily Crinum Plant


I’m so excited about my white spider crinum lily plant this year. Have you ever planted anything that you can’t wait to see it grow or bloom? If you ever had trouble growing these beautiful lilies you’re not alone. The anticipation of waiting was so tiring that I just simply gave up on having any blooms, let alone three bushes.

How To Obtain them

If you had been following me you know that my mom is a herbalist by trade. As she ages, she tends to, had forgotten the names and what this crinum is used for. Use for? Did you ask? Yes, use for. For herbalist everything they grow, it’s either medicinal, usable in our cooking so it’s edible. So most of my plants and herbs are handed down from my mom and her church ladies.

Most of them are herbalist by trade as well. Just last week my mom told me about some edible elephant ears. She wants to know if I want to plant some. Heck yeah! But that’s another post. Stay tuned.

When my mom was moving out of her rental many many moons ago she had to uproot her herbs and plants and asked if I wanted to take with me to Arizona to see if it can survive. That is how I obtained my spider crinum lily.

Here Are The Problems

These white spider crinum lily had been living in California all its life. They had great weather and sunshine. They were a happy bunch. However, my mom said that when it was given to her from a friend it only bloomed once and it was red in color.

I live in Arizona where the temperature is, hell, up to 120° F. What did you think happened? Yep, lost most and some were dwindling by a thread. Good news, the ones that I forgot about and left it under the shade I sparingly watered them because I had so many.

I waited until summer ended and plant them. They seem to be happy always green for 7 years. Last year it bloomed for the very first time. I was so excited. I called my mom and told her it wasn’t red but white.

My problem is summer in Arizona, especially in the desert southwest the temperature gets up to 120° F. Today the temperature is 102° F. And we are in the middle of monsoon season so the humidity is at 50%. Yep, it is sticky. My tropical plants love the weather and my other herbs and plants get a breather from the sizzling sun rays.

I work 10hrs a day and including the ride, it’s range between 11 to 12 hours a day. At the end of the day, it was so hot that I really don’t enjoy the beautiful flowers and I come to some depressed, burned, and exhausted looking flowers.

White spider lily crinum, exhausted

These babies are covered with some sunshade, watered twice daily in the summer.

How To Take Care Of White Spider Lily Crinum Plant

From my experience growing them here in the desert southwest isn’t that hard. They are green most of the season and they do really well here in Arizona.

When you mow the lawn you want to keep the grass clippings in a bucket or 30 gallons lawn trash bag. Doing this will kill off any clover seeds, or spurge seeds. When covering the growing area with fresh grass cuttings you are also helping to spread unnecessary seeds to grow where you don’t want it to grow.

Doing so you’ll help fertilize the spider lily naturally. You can also use kitchen scraps, watermelons skins (chopped), melons skins (chopped), and any vegetable scraps that you are not going to consume.

You can also make your own compost and use that after it turns into rich nutrients for your spider lilies crinum.

My spider lily crinum bloomed in the summer towards the end of summer. They are blooming right now. However, you must cover your spider lilies crinum during the hot sizzling days with some sun covers.

The heat from the residual sun is very hot and it doesn’t seem to fully open. If it did I probably missed it. Those are the only ones I come back too at the end of working.

The strong sunlight tends to burn the leaves. It turns them brown and drys the leaf up. Where ever the sun rays hit so be mindful when growing these beautiful crinums that you take care of them during when the temperature is up at 100° F.

I find that planting lemongrass around them they are protected somewhat but when the flowers start to bloom it wouldn’t survive. Try planting heat-loving plants along with your crinum it may help keep the soil moist and keep the harsh sun rays dispersed equally.

What Do Herbalist Used It For

The medicinal usage you can find it here for your pleasure reading. Before trying any remedies on my website please consult with your primary care physician or consult a certified herbalist for further use of the white spider lily crinum plant.

For those that use this crinum lily please share your knowledge with me so I can be informed as well.

Here’s the Recap

No matter what you plant, vegetables, herbs you are growing they will survive. Being a gardener is hard work to grow stuff to eat or growing plants for ornamental as long as you take care of them they will thrive.

It took 7 years for my white spider lily crinum to bloom and I am very excited. Although, I don’t get to see the beautiful flowers to its potential they do love the heat, to a certain point.

Care for them, give them good fertilizers full of nutrients and they will bloom, someday. The trick is you have to be patient.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated your time as yours are as valuable as mine. If you have any comments, questions, or like to educate me, please feel free to do so. I love learning new things.


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