Citrus Trees Fertilize part 2 – Schedule Zone 9-11

Part 2

Today are citrus trees fertilizing part 2. In February, I wrote when to start fertilizing your citrus trees. Well, guess what it’s May and time to get those citruses you love so much some TLC. May is here and we need to fertilize our citrus trees again. Remembered my corny saying? May is a memorial month and if you don’t fertilize your trees, you’ll going to cry for not feeding them.

There will be another one coming soon as time approaches and I will write another reminder to help you all remember.

Remembering What to use

Remember if you are fertilizing the citrus trees three times a year then follow my saying if not then follow your extension office for your area. You may fertilize your citrus trees monthly.

In my case we used, any organic fertilizer with a 16-16-16 high in nitrogen and iron and because I live in the desert my soil isn’t the best it’s mostly sand. Also, remember to water deep because citrus love water. When you water your citrus, it should be at least 3 feet deep.

Where to put your dripper or hose under your citrus is by using the noon shadow of the tree as a reference to where you should put your drippers or hose.

How to measure the depth of deep water is by using a rebar and sticking it into the shadow of the tree pull it out and see if it’s deep enough. 

Why? Because the roots spread out and if you set your drippers or use your hose right at the trunk, its roots are not getting enough water. Therefore, you must water the citrus roots, not the trunk, and not waste water.

Happy Citrus


A happy citrus makes lots of fruits, in turn, makes you happy you will be making some lemonade, orange juice some people make orangeade. Plentifully of citrus for the summer.

You’ll know when you have too many fruits when you can’t consume all of it by yourself. You see those lovely people on your right and your left or down yonder. Yeah, those pesky neighbors… oh did I said that out loud? I meant lovely neighbors. Share it with them.

They will appreciate your fruits and maybe be good neighbors. For once. Oh, dear there I go again. Sorry didn’t mean to rub anyone the wrong way. I was just kidding. XD

How to Sweeten your Sour Orange Tree

I got a tip for those who asked me how to sweeten your sour oranges. Oranges are naturally sweet; however, very old trees and very young small trees tend to be sour or just not juicy enough.

Here are things to look for, green leaves. Green leaves indicate good growth. It has enough water and good fertilizer. The next thing to check is how old the tree is. When it is fruiting is the fruit a light orange? Look for deep orange, that shows that it’s happy.

Location, location, location. Make sure your citrus tree is in a spot where there is plenty of sunlight, at least 6 hours of it. Oh, and another thing make sure the fruit is ripe for the picking.

If all of that has been checked off. Then the problem might be that it doesn’t have enough nitrogen throughout the year. Do not fertilize the citrus when it is not growing. Another thing to remember. Read my previous post about citrus fertilizing time – schedule zone 9-11

Laughs and giggles.

Laughing zebra

When all fails you can try the unorthodox way. Some suggest pouring sugar at the trunk. I don’t know if the tree will like it, but I know for sure the ants will.

How about adding ashes? Never seen it done before. Bomb fire anyone? Maybe it just misses you and you can speak sweet nothings to the citrus tree. You lover you… Meow…:D lol

Literally, wrap skirt on it. My uncle had an apple tree that for many years never had any fruit. He decided that the tree was embarrassed so he wrapped a skirt on it. It was like a miracle, the apple tree started fruiting the next year!

This isn’t a citrus but guys and gals you have to see it to believe it. Witnessed it firsthand. Never hurt dressing your citrus.

Lastly, if that wasn’t funny and weird enough try urinating on it. Oh, my goodness, really? Like I said laugh and giggles.

There you have it. A reminder reminding you to fertilize your citrus.

Part 3 and last time you’ll be fertilizing your citrus. Read it here!

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