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Citrus Tree Fertilize – Part 3 Zone 9- 10a

It’s that time again the last schedule for fertilizing your citrus trees zone 9-10a part 3.

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Gardening Tips – Yuma, AZ

we must follow all necessary steps and tips to prevent a catastrophe from happening. For the sake of your plant lives please follow my gardening tips for Yuma, AZ, zone 10 and 10A.

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Yuma, AZ Summer is Here – Shade your garden

Why not protect it from mother-nature’s fury. I’m sure your plants will thank you by bearing it is fruit for you when it is time.

Part 2

Citrus Trees Fertilize part 2 – Schedule Zone 9-11

Today is citrus trees fertilize part 2. In February, I wrote when to fertilize your citrus trees. Well, guess what it’s May and time to get those citruses you love

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weeds in lawn

When to Fertilize the Lawn – Weed Free

Spring into action and keep those lawns green. During this time my front yard has harbored weeds. No no no… not that kind of weeds. I’m talking about the dandelions,

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Saving the World one Seed at a Time

I know it is still spring and everything is still green and beautiful. Something to look forward to, when the time comes. We all know that buying seeds is easy,

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