Saving the World one Seed at a Time

I know it is still spring and everything is still green and beautiful. Something to look forward to, when the time comes. We all know that buying seeds is easy, convenient, and you know exactly what they are. No guessing, no worrying how old they are, if they will grow, or what they are, and where they came from?

Let’s start saving seeds for next season. Start saving the world one seed at a time. :D, Of course, this isn’t about saving the world but we can certainly try. I for one like to be grounded. Growing fresh vegetables and herbs to use.

nephews playing in my garden

However, what if they had already planted all the vegetables you want. There’s a few that maybe ran away from you. Like the birds that come to visit and scratched them away and you found that it has come to seed or left it to seed.

What then? Well, that’s it what I am here to help with. Maybe, I can help you start saving seeds for next season. Something to look forward to if you decided you want to save some seeds for next season.

If you’re thinking about what,¬†where to start a garden visit my blog on where to begin.

Harvest Seeds

After harvesting your crops and you want to save a few plants to seed so you can have some seeds later on. Whatever, seeds you may want to save. I like saving my own seeds. Plus you know where they came from and how you got them.

After that throw the excess in your compost bin. Click my blog on how to make a compost bin here.

Gathering Dry Seedsmustard green seed pods

Lettuce seeds are a little tricky, they flower like a dandelion. They have soft feathery, milky, and sticky like substances. With them, I wait a little longer until the plant is almost brown. I take a pruner and cut off the drying flowers, assuming the birds didn’t beat you to it. That would be hilarious! But it can happen, just a warning.

You can store it in a plastic bag or some small storage container.

Collards, mustard, kale, and spinach are pretty simple. When they come to develop a lot of tiny pods, pull the plant by the root. At this time the plant still has little leaves and still green. Hang the greenish plant upside down. Wait until the tiny pods are brown. Use your hand and pull the tiny pods in a downward motion and all the micro seeds will come into your hand.

You will get some seed husk along with the seeds too. Simply softly blow the husk out. Then store it.

Coriander same process as the collard but better. The seeds will brown out later on. Take your pruner and just cut them off the plant. Simple.

Gathering Wet Seedspapaya seeds

Wet seeds are anything from inside the fruit. Like papaya seeds, cucumber seeds, melons, squash, and even beans etc… because the seeds are inside the fruit we want to leave the fruit on the vine a little longer than the ones we’ve harvested.

I let mine go all the way until the vine is browning. The papaya I leave one on the table or counter until it is super ripe, yellow. The meat is pretty sweet by then too.

Harvesting these seeds are all the same. Grab some tools.

  • Knife make sure it’s sharp
  • Colander
  • Paper towels
  • Sharpie marker or anything that writes on plastic
  • Some small containers

Storage containers

I like to save the world as much as the next person. Since we have a boatload of prescriptions medicine bottles, I use them. They are great little containers to store seeds in. I also like them because they are see through. I can see what is in it. Also, you want to label them and date them for reference later on.

If you don’t have any elders with prescription medicine bottles, not to worry, you can buy the little self-locking plastic bags. They are also an excellent choice as well. Go to the dollar store, cheaper. ~.^

Seeds Ready for Next Season

There you have it ladies and gents you have a nice little storage set up. I hope you have enjoyed this training. Place them in a dry spot outside or inside where you can easily access them. Enjoy saving the earth? All part of saving the world one seed at a time, going green. Recycling prescription medicine bottles for seeds storage.

If you know a better way to store seeds please or comment let me know by leaving me a comment on my comment section and I’ll be happy to view them and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for coming! XD

Have a wonderful day! Let’s go gardening. Go take on the day, challenge the unknown.

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