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weeds in lawn

weeds in lawn

Spring into action and keep those lawns green. During this time my front yard has harbored weeds. No no no… not that kind of weeds. I’m talking about the dandelions, crab grass, white clovers, surges, and purslane.

We used fertilizer high in nitrogen and Iron. They promote growth and keeping the zoysia grass green. Our grass is green year round. It’s a low maintenance grass. Trust me with our busy schedule we have no time to mow the lawn.

Types of Grass

There are many types of grass varieties out there. For east coast or colder region, tough bluegrass, kentucky bluegrass, rye grass, and fine fescue is ideal to use. However, I am going to talk about the three most popular ones we use in our area.

Burmuda grass
burmuda grass
This type of grass like the Bermuda grass that is widely used because it is drought tolerant, loves the heat, and low maintenance. It is also resistance to wear and tear. It will however, go dormant during the summer and will come back during the cold or winter season. Tough turf to have for pets and kids to play in.

They also love water as well. During the summer as they go dormant just keep them water even if they are browning or yellowing out. They will come back. It’s a perennial grass.

St. Augustine grass
st. augustine grass
The next one is st. augustine grass. Another tough turf you’ll probably find this kind of grass at a golf course as well. It is also another heat loving grass. Great for partial shade. Depending on which zip code you reside in our dirt is mostly sandy dirt and st. augustine thrives in sandy dirt.

Between the st. augustine grass and bermuda they are very similar in looks. They are both great to have for heavy traffic areas.

Zoysia grass

zoysia grass
This is what we have. Zoysia grass is a year round grass. Meaning it’s green all year from summer to winter and it remains green. It also loves the heat and very soft grass blade that won’t irritate your skin. As I mention above, it’s maintenance free for most part. They grow quickly and fast in spring but when the summer with heat arrives, it’s a month before mowing.

It isn’t picky on where it grows and it grows everywhere. Zoysia grass is soft and it wouldn’t try to stab you if you lay on it. Because of the soft blade it wouldn’t irritate your skin either. Not great for shaded area. Keep up the maintenance on this grass because it does get expensive and hard to find.

When to fertilize the lawn

The Best time to fertilize the lawn is right after you finish mowing the lawn of course. Also, depending on what kind of grass you have and the condition and season you are in, you might want to cut them differently. For our lawn we never mow 1/3 of the grass height.

Optimal grass looks is being mow every two weeks to maintain it’s lush green look and a manicure look. If your lawn mower blade isn’t too low and your grass isn’t too tall you can mow them as many times as you like.

New grass mowing from sod or seeds must wait until it is at lease 3/4″ tall to 1″ inch tall. Keep in mind the 1/3 rule too much it’ll cause browning and the new grasses might uproot if mow too short.

After the last frost and before spring turns the corner. We usually fertilize the lawn in February before spring cruise on by, in March.

Prevent Weeds from Sprouting


Timing is very essential. You need to stop the weed seeds when the weather is warming up. Like before spring arrives. Right before winter receded.

Before spring even show sign apply pre-emergent herbicide to your turf. Find some natural one that are made with vinegar or clove oil if I’m not mistaken. There are some with corn gluten. It will most likely stop the germination or start the germination of the weed seeds early and attack it before the weed turns into adulthood.

But, if you feel sorry for the sproutlings then let them thrive and curse at them later while you’re on your knees begging them to stop growing because your back hurts from pulling them.

Also, keep in mind that you will never get rid of the weeds completely. Because, mother-nature is cruel guys and gals. She will blow other weeds into your yard just to get you all rawl up.

Plus other wild animals like the birds will pass you some fertilized seed dropping to help you out as well. And that lovely cute neighborhood cats might help you bury its fertilized seed in your yard. Polite neighbor in disguises walking their dogs that won’t’ pick up after their pets. You know everyone and everything will be helping you out. Not to worry you won’t get bored or have nothing to do.


Use the 1/3 rule to mow the lawn. Never mow more then 1/3 of your grass at a time. Unless you’re re-seeding. For optimal green grass fertilize your lawn after mowing. Mow often to prevent weeds from seeding and maturing.

Stop weed seeds from germinating by using natural pre-emergent herbicide before spring arrives. Use it during February or before spring and everything blooms.

I hope this help you out a little on when to fertilize the lawn and stop weeds from maturing. Have any questions please leave them on my comment section and I’ll be happy to answer them. Go take on the day and challenge the unknown.



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