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Time to Fertilize your citruis – Reminder

Once again, guys, it is time to fertilize your citrus trees to make them happy and fruit all summer long. I know I haven’t been blogging for a while now

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Hand Pollinating Fruit Trees

We as humans just gonna push the plants a little when they’re too shy to do it themselves. Humans match making plants to have sprouts. Wouldn’t that be interesting? O.O

Zone 10a Vegetable Harvest Time

Harvesting what you planted is a great joy! Just a couple of days ago I harvested some of my mustard greens. I planted these back in October 2017. I have

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Mini roses

Starting a New Spring vegetable garden

Okay guys and gals spring is here and everything from vegetables to insects are just itching to pop. That’s right little insect eggs are dancing around in their shell waiting

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lemongrass in the shade

Lemongrass Replanting – easy

Lemongrass hardy plant Lemongrass is a hardy plant. They are zone 10a friendly as long as you water them. They also love water. The more the water the more they

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