Vegetable Garden Hacks

Fall is coming and to plant for fall I used non-traditional planting containers to start my vegetable seeds indoors. It’s some vegetable garden hacks that I like to do. I love to recycled boxes or containers for my garden. I will show you what I used.

What I used

This was a cake container. It held once a delicious cookie and cream ice cream cake. Since we finished it I am going to recycle it into a mini greenhouse. I will use another small planter pot like the terracotta pot or the plastic ones you see in my photo.

This is also a great way for gardening for beginners and container planting if you have small spaces. You can have a garden anywhere you want.

Then I will use these circle looking things I bought from Wal-Mart to insert my seeds in. They are peat moss pellets.

These little beauties are excellent for starting new seedlings. As you can see in my photo that it work wonders. They come in a tray you soak them and they rise up like little stand-alone pot and you just insert your seed into them. Works great for scion cuttings as well.

I also used zip up snack bags that are 6.5 IN x 3.25 IN they are perfect for the little cylinder dirt pods. Once you have your seeds inserted make sure to write the date and what it is on the bag or on the side of the pots so you know exactly what you have just sowed.

Items to have

  • sharpie pen
  • recycled containers
  • peat moss pellets
  • seeds (very important)
  • creativity

Having all these in handy is better than not having anything and while sowing your seeds you will forget what is what and when you sowed it. That sharpie pen comes in handy. Once you have everything you needed then you are ready to start your very own garden and watch it grows. I’m like a child at heart and I love watching my seeds start to come out. I check on them every day.

I love planting mustard greens because in a few days it will germinate and I get very excited! Not only is it healthy for you it’s also an entertainment for me. XD So does watermelons and cucumbers. HAHAHA.

Update from my raised bed

So this is from my garden I that I just took and using it as a backdrop for my vegetable garden hacks ideas. I seeded these mustard greens back in July and for some reasons, only two came up fast but the rest is just starting to come up. The only reason I can think of was that after the seeds were sowed I used the aquaponic clay balls on top of it

Mistake number one it’s still summer and it gets hot! My seeds were probably too afraid to come up to get burned down. HAHAHA.

Here’s a Treat

Halloween is coming as well. Too late for pumpkin planting for jack-o-lantern but not too late if you’re going to plant them for pumpkin pie oops off topic.

This is my moringa oleifera tree planted from seed couple weeks ago. Yes, couple weeks ago! They grow very fast here, especially in the hot season. This is going to be a gift for someone.

Moringa Oleifera sprout

Other Vegetable Gardening Hacks

You can use paper hand towel rolls to toilet paper rolls, newspapers, and cardboard boxes. The point is to have fun without wasting a lot of money. If you got things hanging around not doing anything recycle it. This is a great way to do so. You start your vegetable gardening and help with the green house effect.

Here a fun little YouTube video by gardengirl

You can use anything for starting seeds from inside or outside and transplant them anywhere you just need a little imagination and creativity.

For example, egg cartons fill it up with your own compost sow the seeds and there ya have it. Make your own compost is the best it’s organic and you know what’s in it.

Two litters of soda bottles are great to use as an individual greenhouse for spring and winter. Cut a top have off and cover the seedlings.

You can do what my mom does she use old dresser drawers. What about those old tires that you’re not using when you changed your tires or flat ones that are no longer usable? Hang it up where it can withstand the weight fill the bottom with dirt plant some vines or flowers in it like a hanging basket, in this case, it would be a hanging tire with plants in it. Lay it flats then fill it up with dirt plant whatever you want in it. Oh, yeah you can also paint it if you like it a different color.


I hope you will have as much fun as I do when making the vegetable garden hacks. Like I said before have fun with the whole family and let’s start your own vegetable or herb hacking today! Let’s play a game of who can find something to recycle and save the planet. Let’s do some vegetable garden hacks.

Please leave me a comment and share your ideas with me I love to learn from all of you.

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