Herbs/Tshuaj Ntsuab

Herbs/Tshuaj Ntsuab

Herbs for the 30 days purification, postpartum. (Tshuaj ntsuab Rau qaib noj, nyob nruab hli)

This page is dedicated to all the new generations Hmong who are looking for herbs for their postpartum chicken diet soup. For those that are first to second or third-plus generations and lost their native tongue or like me who was not born in the States but raised in the States and are limited to Hmong Daw (white Hmong) language. Hmong ntusab (green Hmong/hoob) has a different dialect but not too bad. I speak both so it’s not hard for me at all.

What are the herbs to use

So there are eight main herbs to look for when getting the perfect soup. I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect soup but we can make it to our perfection, right? And depending on who you ask they will tell you to get what they recommended. The older generation (OG) knows more and have more herbs. Most of them are herbalist by trade. Like my mom, she’s no expert either but she knows enough to get by and has taught that to me as much as she knows.

However, most of these herbs are what I used and what my mom told me. So this is by my experience and usage. I’m no expert either but I love to share my experience with all of you who might even know more or less. Now, some of these I do not know the actual English names to them but I’m trying when your OG grandma or mom asked you to go get some, at least you know from here, and, I hope it’ll help you out a little. It’s my translation. (^-^) or Hmonglish phonics. XD

And depending on how much chicken soup you’re making. Small garnish hens from the store or live chicken, if you have any or store bought. I use a whole, live, not alive but freshly obtain, you know what I mean. 😀

Medicinal use and optional in your chicken soup

These herbs down here are the lesser known for the chicken soup. I have never used these for the chicken soup. If you know you can use it. If not I do not recommend them. Ask you OG’s for clarification or herbalist before use.

Medicinal plants

This is for informational purposes only. Please consult professional help before attempting to use any herbs. I am not a herbalist. I only put up what I have known to work for myself. I have used some of these personally.

Most of these herbs I use for my chicken diet soup. I know that there is a lot of wiser herbalist out there that knows more then I do. Please comment and leave me ideas and what I don’t know so we all can learn from each other. Thank you for visiting and I will be updating my herbs list every so often.

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